Stephen A. thanks LeBron for signing with Lakers: ‘I can’t thank you enough’ | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. thanks LeBron for signing with Lakers: ‘I can’t thank you enough’ | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith directs a heartfelt thank you to LeBron James for teaming up with Magic Johnson on the Los Angeles Lakers.

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90 Responses

  1. Brandon Ingram & D’Angelo Russell Burner Account says:

    LeBron went to LA to play with Brandon Ingram

  2. SHOOT says:

    Like If Kawhi Leonard Never doing another interview LMAOOOO

  3. KCJ says:

    Of course he did, this was the only way will get Space Jam 2.

  4. Alex Libby says:

    Love listening to Steven A smith

  5. ChckChckBoom says:

    Kawhi gotta get his laugh update.

  6. shade the champ says:

    Lebron will take the Lakers to the playoffs even if he’s half-focused on Hollywood. He’s that talented.

    • Yusuf Sanad says:

      +Michael Lio its internet nobody should take words seriously but i was speaking to the people who will discredit the Lakers young guys by giving LeBron all the credit but none to these guys who are more than capable of making the playoffs this year
      Last year we did lost more than 15 very close games and we lost 10 straight games because of lonzos injury and couple of games because we are missing the decent veteran and later on we added that IT who ruined shits up more than ever

      So yeah we could easily make the playoffs last year let alone this year

      That’s why the additional of LeBron to us means championship if not this year then the year after ..

    • Yusuf Sanad says:

      +GOAT: God Of All Trolls aim to the stars land on the moon

    • The Lost Saint says:

      Seito Stockman  Paul George committed to the Thunder before Lebron James committed to the Lakers…

    • freeWess7 says:

      Playoffs lol….They could get there with addition of ANY all star

    • yannick willems says:

      +Yusuf Sanad shut the fuck up

  7. juanv7844 says:

    Lebron is also in a movie that’s coming out this weekend Small Foot

  8. DJ ShaqTown says:

    I think If Ingram could play near all star level & Lebron is the same he was last year the Lakers could be a 3rd seed in the west

    • MAX AJ says:

      DJ ShaqTown dont worry about Lebron he’s ready and he will be better.. worry about them other kids they not used to winning

    • Michael Kanjanabout says:

      Everyone sleeping on the Lakers they are a nightmare matchup for a lot of teams. They’re young,fast,and athletic plus they have height too that plays a big part. Deadly shooters and potential two way players all around.

    • Luis Reyes says:

      58 + win team

    • will Hancock says:

      ingram is going to have to stop acting like JR. look at his face lol. look like he just got done smoking a fatty. We will see this year if he got what it takes when lebron watching his ass. ingram might be one of the dudes they get rid of to make room for AD and kawhi.

    • l SplashxAllxNet l says:

      If we’re being honest, the Lakers will be lucky to make the 4th seed at best, Ingram will average about 17 a game and Kuzma will average about 12

  9. Elevated Mind says:

    So Stephen A saying he going to Fox with Skip Eventually lol

  10. Joseph Farris says:

    Lebron is smart, he thinks ahead and knows what’s best for him and his family in the long run, including the endorsements and other things off the court, his voice alone speaks volumes across the world, he’s doing a great job, salute to you Lebron !!!!

  11. Mark Scarlet says:

    Everyone thought Lebron went to Miami for the beaches or cocaine. Oh how wrong we were lol

  12. StudioSJS says:

    He went to LA for Hollywood, the lakers and for his family. It’s that simple. Lebron is trolling all of us, this man ain’t dumb

  13. Ichimar486 says:

    ZOOM IN!

    ZOOM OUT!!!

  14. Carl Jean-Bapstiste says:

    Lol stephen a killed me around the 4:40 mark

  15. 80s'bby says:

    Since we can throw out any narrative we want.

    LeBron knew he was going to the Lakers after the Cavs beat them last year. Him and Zo was on the court talking about it. That’s why they had the jerseys over their mouth.

  16. Kawhi Leonard says:

    I’m so funny AHAH AHA AHAH

  17. Ifeanyi Akunna says:

    Idc why he’s in LA playing for the Lakers, I’m just glad he’s here.

  18. Aisian ThreeQUISIANS says:

    Funny how everyone complains he played in the eat for so long, he finally leaves and joins the West, only to get further criticism regarding the move. Bron can’t catch a break! 😂😂😂😂

    • Lah Mitch says:

      Aisian ThreeQUISIANS it’s funny to them cause lebron admitted he ain’t tryna win in La, so that means he focus on making movies and opening businesses Nd shit instead of winning a title for the lakers should be fun to watch tho can’t wait to hear the excuses made for lebron again like everyone on the Lakers are young or some shit lmaao no hate I want a chip for bron but his son will be better 🤷🏾‍♂️😃💯

    • Seth Stiers says:

      Aisian ThreeQUISIANS facts bra

    • Seth Stiers says:

      Lah Mitch know your role and shut your mouth 😂

    • King Moxie says:

      Bro right? I’m over here calling out someone for talking shit and I ask who there team is and they throw out the “oh your butt hurt” comment and deletes his comment lmao the hate is so real I love it

    • Cheerioss - says:

      +King Moxie why are yall acting like greats don’t get hated like yoo hop of his dick.

  19. Smoove says:

    Yes molly stay in NY no one asked u to come to LA🙄

  20. Jordan Garrison says:

    Great segment by Molly here. She was a lot less chatty.

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