Stephen A. thinks NO ONE SHOULD PURSUE James Harden?! 👀 | First Take

Stephen A. thinks NO ONE SHOULD PURSUE James Harden?! 👀 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo discuss the situation with James Harden and his future with the Philadelphia 76ers.
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43 Responses

  1. MattCEP says:

    Stephen A wants any big free agent to go to Miami so he can hopefully be there during the post season. Sole reason.

    • φωτης μπατζιος says:

      Like he cant go there whenever he pleases. Dont believe him thats not the reason

    • Michael Gonzalez says:

      @φωτης μπατζιος It’s a huge part. He’d be down there to cover the finals. He’d be there for days at a time. I’d hope for the same thing. Who wants to go to Milwaukee for work ? Lol

    • mike lach says:

      Bring reporters from Greece to cover Milwaukee ..We start to hate the sun in Greece 250-280 days we have sun …..

    • φωτης μπατζιος says:

      @Michael Gonzalez who wants to go to Philly? But he didn’t have a problem with them getting harden nor does he wants them to lose their stars.

    • Terrance Carmichael says:

      @φωτης μπατζιοςI’m sure more would wanna go to Philly than Milwaukee but at the same time Philly’s a bad city outside of tourist spots so it’s a lose lose😂

  2. SS says:

    The one player who doesn’t need to be in Miami whether he plays on the team or not … is James Harden lol

  3. D D says:

    Harden to Miami? What about “Heat culture”? You think Jimmy is going to put up with Harden’s BS? That’s a horrible fit.

  4. J.Walters says:

    I’m happy the media is starting to speak facts about James Harden.

  5. Technoid says:

    We ain’t that desperate for Harden they can keep him we’ll settle with what we have in Miami and accept a play in exit

  6. Bro vro says:

    I’m not a James harden fan but the fact that nobody corrects mad dog when he says he never been to a finals is crazy

    • John Brown the Prophet says:

      Not as the lead dawg, he hasn’t. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Juan Sanchez says:

      @John Brown the ProphetThat’s not what Mad Dog said though. Hating somebody is not an excuse for lying IMO

    • Teddy Penderazdoun says:

      @Juan Sanchezboohoo it was 11 years ago and he came off the bench, easy to forget. Even tho he was a no show that finals and every postseason after that lol

    • Bro vro says:

      @Teddy Penderazdoun you just made all of our points that he was in fact in the finals 😂

      Also he was 6th man of a year that season and logged the 3rd most minutes by a big gap in that finals so not sure why you said he came off the bench 😂

    • Tony Starks says:

      @Teddy Penderazdouni could tell you watch basketball (sarcasm)

  7. C. Thomas Sims Jr. says:

    Talk about Pat Riley not putting up with Harden’s mess, imagine what Jimmy Butler would do.
    Harden would leave the gym in tears every day. 😂😂

  8. Know is Trite says:

    James Harden used to live down the street from me as teenagers and none of this during his career surprises myself.

  9. Roberto Attolico says:

    I’ve never seen a franchise messing it up so consistently over the course of several years. The 76ers could have had it all but, they passed on Tatum choosing Fultz instead, they could have kept Butler, instead they decided to go with Harris, they got themselves into a amateurish dead road twice, first with Simmons and then with Harden. Incredible. The final stroke will probably be Embiid rightly asking for a trade to go play with Butler in Miami or in New York.

  10. Mike Spence says:

    The US sports media care more about drama and headlines than actual athletic pursuits. This makes James Harden the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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