Stephen A.: Warriors have nothing to worry about with Lakers | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A.: Warriors have nothing to worry about with Lakers | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry saying facing Los Angeles Lakers “should be fun.”

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113 Responses

  1. Mr.Sauceman X says:

    Warriors in 4.

  2. DMG 19 says:

    1:11 no sir that would have to be cr7

  3. Peter says:

    Warriors in 4 or 5 vs everyone in the playoffs

    • globalicon2012 says:

      DThaMaestro kd got bailed out by chris paul getting hurt

    • Christian Graff says:

      Let’s be clear about this. The only chance the Rockets had or will ever have to stop these Warriors was last year. Period. They had it and completely blew it. They will not get that back this year or the next. They were something special last year and cracked at the worst possible time. The warriors will chew them up and spit em out this year. With or without boogie

    • Adam D says:

      Peter Great assumption Mr. Griffin

    • Nathan Cruz says:

      kingrobinho777 Nope even the rockets. They are way worse. Always injured in the play offs cp3, lost wing defenders and replace both of them with a stubborn old bum who thinks he is still in 2003. Yea Rockets would get swept easily.

    • globalicon2012 says:

      kingrobinho777 rockets suck and choke every year. They will get swept by durant’s handpicked superteam of eight all stars. Boston too

  4. Luan Nguyen says:

    Curry being diplomatic. Warriors ZERO concerns.

  5. Djordje Djordjevic says:

    Cristiano is like 2 times more famous than LeBron

    • AK KD says:

      Brett Maverick America ain’t the powerhouse anymore. Only thing it’s the powerhouse of now is arrogance

    • Djordje Djordjevic says:

      my bad bro, Lebron has 40 milllion and Ronaldo has 140 milion I just checked, earlier I got the information from google, i guess it was old.

    • Djordje Djordjevic says:

      Selena Gomez 140 million, Ronaldo 138 million

    • Djordje Djordjevic says:

      Prometheus there is so many things in that sentence that don’t make sense:
      1) soccer is not a European thing, it is the most watched sport in the world
      2) Soccer in the Olympics is for players under 23 years old, it is not important in the world of soccer nearly as much as world cup, or european championship
      3) Ronaldo’s 140 million followers to LeBron’s 40 million tells you people do care about him

    • Irvin Flores says:

      i agree man i agree

  6. Adrian Lewin says:

    Molly jus stfu plz

    • Delonte Nolan says:

      Nyle Winston it’s a trend lol that’s what their deal is. Apparently it’s cool to say. And they all fall in line like they’re born to do.

    • Bitter Belief says:

      But that town call was great? Hahahaha I’m with you

    • SirJones357 says:

      Nyle Winston that’s a lie.. This video comparatively, yes maybe.. she’s very quiet compared to other vids.. go, find another vid, random one.. You’ll most likely hear her trying to butt in “BUT STEPHEN A, BUT STEPHEN A BUTT BUTT STEPHEN A, BUT STEPHEN A!” Lol.. shut up Molly

    • REDSP1R1T PS4 says:

      dtrix10kc no we always hated Molly because she is a moderator not a debator/commentor in this show

    • SirJones357 says:

      Delonte Nolan you’re a casual.. Obviously don’t watch regularly

  7. Bkc 14 says:

    warriors will sweep them clowns

    • rawcheese123 says:

      probably in 5. I give LeBron respect enough to get 1 win against the warriors

    • Nick Balverde says:

      rawcheese123 Nah that’s what everyone said last finals that Bron would win 1 game but ended up getting swept. Just keep in mind that it’s the Lakers first year with this new team of additions and the Warriors got even better than last year with Boogie and an upgraded veteran bench.

    • rawcheese123 says:

      I mean sweep is highly possible but I still want to give Lebron at least one. I just respect lebron that much. But, you’re probably right. Sweep is probably going to happen unfortunately

    • Lavar Ball says:

      why do they have to be clowns? they’re professional athletes, what about you?

    • King Collazo says:


  8. Mack Miz says:

    the lakers ain’t winning the West stop it!!!!!

    • GORILLA ONERS says:

      Remember The Warriors Was Trash An Still Is Everyone Like To Follow But Don’t Lead

    • Prometheus says:

      Yeah they gotta really gotta go after some free agents after this year if they really want to make something happen. They gotta a first maybe second round exit.

    • globalicon2012 says:

      Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl first you’re racist against lebron, now you’re racist against white people? Fuck u al queda

    • globalicon2012 says:

      Allen Mkandawire because they are! It’s a pussy ass western conference, with only one team gs and then everyone else

    • globalicon2012 says:

      Tavious Moore houston is piece of shit team that choked again, this time a 3-2 lead.

  9. young Brave says:

    Max most famous athletes in the world is messi ronaldo pele neymar not your husband lebron

  10. daniel figueroa says:

    As much as I love LeBron, Ronaldo is by far the most famous athlete in the world – sorry, Max.

  11. define crazy says:

    Max is an idiot. Ronaldo is the most famous athletes the world not lebron.

  12. Omar Usmani says:

    Here’s what people tend to overlook about Curry, he has had the best selling jersey for 4 straight years now so we have to be careful when we say that Curry is not as big as Lebron.

    • Lou Ago says:

      If we’re talking about lebron vs steph then they’re not in the same breath lol… steph is not even the best player in GSW hahahhaha… it’s more appropriate to say GOAT TEAM VS GOAT PLAYER

    • Lebron Mac says:

      Omar Usmani steph curry is a top 5 player in the league and you could argue top three as well, hes the greatest shooter ever and when it comes to popularity he’s number 2 behind LeBron

    • Reese B says:

      He played in California….makes a HUGE difference.

  13. Sohaib Jamil says:

    Steph is the most watched player in the NBA.

    Warriors have had the highest TV ratings for the past four years. Before KD got there and before there first chip.

    He is also the most viewed guy online. Dude’s practice highlights got 9 million views!

    Plus number one in jersey sales.

    It is like the Superman vs Batman. Everyone may know superman, but they be watching Batman’s movies.

    • BRBUM1 says:

      Timo Cruz curry role was greater than all the players u just named except Kobe maybe u have a point about the FMVP which he really could of got this year

    • Brian Pierce says:

      Basketball Hot Take Evaluation And Examination hit em in the head with facts lol men lie women lie numbers dont

    • Captain Quick says:

      Source Please

    • Delonte Nolan says:

      Sohaib Jamil their* first chip. Fucking stupid ass bitch yea let’s take YOUR word for anything.

    • J.R. !?!?!?! says:

      All of you put way too much time and emotion in trying to prove why one millionaire is better then another millionaire. I doubt Lebron or Curry really give a fuck who yall think is more popular, or better, or choked in that one year, or missed that one shot. I see some people put together some deep ass in-depth arguments with supporting facts with a cause and effect and proper citation. Man use that effort on something that actually benefits you. Thats all I gotta say. I believe in yall. I think yall will do great things. God has given you the strength to rise above! Can I get a amen

  14. Ben Harding says:

    man molly annoying asf

    • DreadsAndKush says:

      chaolin xing no, little kids literally complain about females talking like they never had pussy or a girlfriend before. niggas deadass hate girls on sum gay shit. lol

    • Greek Sun says:

      Ben Harding it’s like she’s going out her way to let us know she’s there. It’s mad awkward.

    • chaolin xing says:

      DreadsAndKush lol I’m pretty sure it’s not that. And if so what’s wrong with being gay? According to you liberals and progressive you guys want to be more inclusive and less homophobic. But I think it’s because she really wants to get her words out and can’t contain it. But she kills the vibe when she does that. So just become a debator

    • ReadingRoses says:

      Ben Harding ayyyye Xxxtentacion

    • EVSUTRA says:

      Ben Harding woman hater lol she doesn’t even talk a lot

  15. FP says:

    By the end of this era of basketball, the Warriors will be the new Showtime franchise.

  16. Swoldier Jan says:

    In my opinion, Steph Curry is more
    Popular than Lebron James cuz everyone can relate to his game more than lebron. Not everyone is 6’8 and a running 250lbs freight train.
    On the other hand , everyone can relate to Steph cuz he is little and can model their game after his marksman shooting, handles, and finesse on the court.

    • Momo Ali says:

      i can more relate to Lebron than to the son of a NBA player

    • Larry Wheels says:

      Curry is my favorite player, skills are unreal. Lebron is highly skilled besides being a freight train. Passing, shooting, driving, he plays point guard much of the game. Liking one player or team doesn’t mean you hate on the other guy. Its called respect.

    • matthewaresogood says:

      6’3′ 190 lbs (not 6’4” 200 lbs and certainly not 6’3′ 225 lbs) and less explosive than most NBA point guards is more relatable than being 6’8″ 250 lbs and more explosive than most NBA point guards. Everyone in the NBA is a freak athlete, but there’s degrees. And anyone can hit a three pointer, but they just aren’t nearly as good as Curry, whereas most people can’t dunk at all. It doesn’t mean relatability is the only reason he sells well, but it’s probably one of them. He’s also super flashy and helped revolutionize the game. And maybe people like his pube stache. Who knows?

    • b4Sed1593 says:

      And he looks like a child. So elementary school kids can relate.

    • Proud LA Lakers Fan says:

      Ajiri Ekwerigbe who would have thought that though team that went to the finals for the past four years would have the highest rating

  17. Petrol_ Enthusiast says:

    Lakers a threat LMAO! You Laker fans are getting too hype for nothing. They not bigger than the Bay, sit your ass down. Lol

    • matthewaresogood says:

      It’s the same with every “historical” team fan base. Haven’t you heard? The Cowboys are gonna win their thirtieth straight title.

    • SGT Elias says:

      Los Angeles is full of people not from California lol It’s not what it used to be during the 80’s and the early 2000’s. You’ll meet more people from bumfuck Nebraska than locals born and raised there. I’m a lakers fan but I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty embarrassed to wear any Lakers gear because of the bandwagon out of towner ass people who live there now, thank god I got the fuck out a long time ago.

    • timothy alphonse says:

      Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl Lakers fans were anything but quiet last season, where the fuck have you been lmfao

    • Lloyd Porter says:

      Fuck GS,and SAS! The Lakers will always be the greatest team in NBA history ! None of fake ass gs fans will be around to see yo bitch ass team win 16 championships,now continue to play catch up bitches …….

    • Lloyd Porter says:

      Petrol_ Enthusiast La influenced the world bitch boy,the bay made it gay fucking fags

  18. Alozie Chibueze says:

    When it comes to Bball, lebron has the edge. But popularity. You Americans need to travel to Asia and Africa. There is an insane Curry insigma everywhere. Dude has the highest Jersey sale for 4 straight years! His publicity is way up than Bron outside the U.S and am not joking, check for yourselves.

  19. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl says:

    LEBRON – DOES – NOT – PLAY – DEFENSE !!! Say what u want, but this FACT won’t go away. If he didn’t play defense in the finals…what makes u think he’s gonna play defense with the Lakers ?? He’s the same old Lebron who’s SCARED OF KD. The Lakers ain’t shht. Get at me.

    • L.A. All Day says:

      Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl I’m at you he played defense when he pinned Iggy’s shit against the backboard in 2016. Curry choked in the final minutes and couldn’t even take Kevin Love’s slow ass to rim to tie the game. He settled for a long Three. After that the whole team dicked pulled that snake KD to join them because they couldn’t beat LeBron without him. Now the Lakers have a team full of Junk Yard Dogs that’s ready to make some noise we beat Houston twice last year. And played the Warriors close in every game. B. Easy knows all KD secrets and he’s about to help LeBron expose that snake. Adding Big Boogie was nothing major he’s never played in a playoff game and him and Draymond will fight in a game in the playoffs Mark My Words. You won’t be talking shit about them #ShowtimeLakers come 2019. We led the league in pace last year now we have the best finisher in the game and three of the best passers. It’s over for the bitch ass Warriors all good things come to a end. LakeShow🏀 you Bish 😂

    • Demarco Patterson says:

      Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl i agree

    • lord beef 23 says:

      Retards. Chasing somebody down to block a shot and do nothing else is nit defense. It amazes me that chase down blocks is playing defense. Mutumbo would block your shit if you was to con to the rim not chase you down one time per game is defense. Never blocked Kobe but always blocking old players or little new players

    • Russell Pittman says:

      Scared of Durant game one of the finals Durant was lucky refs bailed him and golden State out stop LeBron the best you ever seen do it….

    • King Collazo says:


  20. Emma Rose says:

    💓💖 I Mas!turва!tе My РU!S!SY оn thе !саnаl! W1АТС1H А VI!DЕО!,снес!к6 снannel 🍋$&#&!###$@🍋🍋

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