Stephen and Jennifer Lawrence Ask The Big Questions

Stephen and Jennifer Lawrence Ask The Big Questions

Jennifer Lawrence is deep. Stephen is deep. It’s time to ask some big questions.

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20 Responses

  1. Cnith says:

    Oh it was good to have Jennifer look right at the camera. So beautiful.

  2. J Lawton says:

    sexy slag

  3. Kyle Tibor says:

    no one is going to top Tom Hanks on the blanket.

  4. Adam Farnsworth says:

    0:43 “Come dance with us”

  5. Matt Kovach says:


  6. volkermuller55 says:

    “What do you think the best part of Christmas is?” -J
    “I think it’s the warm feelings people have about me when I say that the
    best part is family.” -S
    Real talk

  7. lvmnz says:

    an actor and an actress acting–nothing necessarily bad about that, what
    would you do?

  8. Daniel Cordoni says:

    She’s gorgeous from above

  9. Dizzy Blu says:

    2:34 sooo unfeminine, and its this girl whos a great actress but not
    someone I’ve been drawn to in terms of personality, start laughing like
    drunk college kid.
    maybe it’s the juxtaposition of a graceful face and her actual self.
    but you kinda fall for her.

  10. Thomas 94 says:

    She is the greatest!

  11. Shuyu says:

    stoner conversation

  12. Manof says:

    Gosh, she’s beautiful….

  13. mustardsfire22 says:

    I wonder if Jen has synesthesia.

  14. Debra Croft says:

    Is she pregnant?

  15. success says:

    I would love to see jen in a comedy movie

  16. Lela London says:

    Lobsterfest for the win.


  17. MrRyuzaki91 says:

    That deep part. That’s how you invite your partner to sex. That’s really
    all about it.

  18. somerandomguy009 says:

    “Is there anything about the world that scares you?”

    “Yea, some creep hacked my phone and put naked pictures of me all over the

  19. james fen says:

    oh look a stupid women

  20. Sven Servette says:

    I lost a lot of respect for Jennifer after that opening sch peel.