Stephen Asks Donald To Put His Millions Where His Mouth Is

Stephen Asks Donald To Put His Millions Where His Mouth Is

Donald Trump started out with nothing but a million dollars and a dream. And since a million dollars is chump change to him now, Stephen has a suggestion for him.

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20 Responses

  1. TheJesterMasque says:

    It’s a shame Colbert is actually a cuck.

  2. miguel iniguez says:

    Stephen got some balls jeez XPXPXP love every moment.

  3. fashionfairy123 says:

    YES! This. This is everything.

  4. Elizabeth Morfin says:

    Trump gives away 20 million a year to charity. What does Colbert give? 😛
    Donald Trump for President 2016!!!

  5. ImTheSlyDevil says:

    i would love to see him sign it.

  6. GeorgeJr Washington says:

    the typical colbert now is asking for donations for his show. all he does
    is demonized the public which by the way the devil itself has enough of

  7. DrachenJager1 says:

    Trump may have started with a million when his father was alive. When his
    father died, he took over the family business with thousands of apartment
    units (estimated value if sold today, 12 Billion). If he’d sold and
    invested it in average-performing S&P 500 stocks, he’d have about 10
    Billion today. He claims to be worth 8 Billion, but Forbes has him pegged
    closer to 5 Billion. So… what a businessman? He only lost half his
    inherited wealth in his lifetime so far while using loopholes in the
    bankruptcy code to soak ordinary people. What a genius.

  8. Kicker_inc says:

    Stephen is the new Letterman for me lol

  9. Zotz Crew says:

    that was perhaps the best summary of the backstory of donald trump I have
    ever heard haha

  10. Kevyn Miller says:

    @Elizabeth morfin

  11. Ian Rust says:

    Stephen you are too partisan and it’s irritating.

  12. Will Pescio says:

    4 8 15 16 23 42

  13. Ryan Kelly says:

    Well done Mr. Colbert… Can’t wait to see if Trump agrees to sign!

  14. jw m says:

    Challenge millionaire Stephen Colbert 2 donate first.

  15. gamevalor says:

    Where are you putting all your millions that you earn with The Late Show
    Stephen Colbert? People already pay over 30%+ in taxes. It’s up to you when
    you earn it fairly.

  16. WeAreRadicallyGay says:

    Trump could relinquish his wealth to the Turd World and progressives would
    still hate him.

  17. 1zombie4v says:

    Trump and his supporters are so irrational . They are idiots who just don’t
    get it
    Let’s shove the rebel flag right up trumps ass .
    Fuck trump

  18. David Kenway says:

    Why not ask hillary to do the same thing? Since she isn’t hurting for cash

  19. MD Q says:

    Wow, All my Dad gave me was… oh wait. He wasnt there.

  20. Jose Brah says:

    fuck no he’s a racist as bitch fuck him I will never forgive him what he