Stephen Attempts To Convert Bill Maher

Stephen Attempts To Convert Bill Maher

Bill Maher is an atheist, but he was raised Catholic. So since he’s visiting the Church of Colbert, Stephen takes the opportunity to try to bring him back into the fold.

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20 Responses

  1. Andy Tang says:

    So alike, yet so different.

  2. 1140Cecile says:

    I find it very difficult to believe that Stephen believes in most biblical
    claims, including the divinity of Jesus but it would be interesting to hear
    him actually talk about what he believes seriously.

  3. santaria19 says:

    Not a fan of Bill Maher but he’s absolutely right here. 2015 and some
    people still believe in fucking fairy tales.

  4. PHJag says:

    Gotta agree more with Maher here, bt they’re both great, and I agree with
    both of them on many stances (Except Maher on Vaccines, that’s jst being an
    idiot to be anti-vaccine)

  5. Tiffany Brown says:

    Bill’s delivery is his problem. I do watch his show but this made me want
    to stop because I LOVE Stephen…he’s basically a national treasure lol. I
    felt like Bill was rudely antagonizing Stephen for absolutely no reason.
    Bill just made himself look bad. Honestly, who CAN’T get along with
    Colbert? Smh.

  6. Scent V.S.O.P says:

    Intelligence vs Emotions

  7. Dominic S says:

    People in the comments are talking about the tension on stage but all I see
    are two people who are able to poke fun at each other despite different

  8. ‫اموت من الحب اموت من الحب‬‎ says:

    اريد اكبل ماكو احد

  9. Heroic Love says:

    The stories in the Bible weren’t meant to be taken literally, only an idiot
    would do so. Much like your dreams are meant to convey a “feeling”, not the
    actual dream, but what you are feeling while experiencing it, Bible stories
    tell the facts of life in the simplest of ways.

  10. Kykywox says:

    Although I agree that Bill Maher can be a bit of a dick sometimes, that was
    pretty fucking smooth XD

  11. Vito Wash says:

    Run, Bill. Run.

  12. smilz32 says:

    For a comedian Maher never knows when someone else is joking and that
    people mostly laugh along with him. He always is so defensive. le sigh

  13. Jim the Hermit says:

    They were also afraid of menstrual blood.

  14. Sakatoki91 says:

    Well I thought Stephen was non-religious. But I guess being a “bad
    catholic” as he puts it makes you a sort of non-religious.

  15. L Venga Door says:

    Knowledge about germs and atoms have nothing to do with Understanding the
    existence of Jesus of Nazareth. Bill doesn’t believe because he doesn’t
    want to. Is not lack of valid arguments, is stubbornness.

  16. Serotonergic says:

    As an atheist, I imagine Bill angered or upset some of you theists and I
    would like to apologize on his behalf. Unfortunately, sometimes dealing
    with theists is like dealing with a dog who poops in the house. If you
    don’t rub their nose in it, they’ll never learn any better.

  17. Mario Bojorquez says:

    Go Bill!!!

  18. Wel Cher says:

    Am I the only one thinking they were both enjoying the melee?

  19. Portal Of Awesome says:

    Moar. Make this rivalry a thing.

  20. Richard Crawford says:

    The new Colbert show is seriously disappointing….. (the old one was my