Stephen Colbert slams Trump at Tony Awards

Stephen Colbert slams Trump at Tony Awards

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert cracked a joke at the President Trump’s expense at the 71st Annual Tony Awards.

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20 Responses

  1. Ádám Arany says:

    pleease get him to host next year!

  2. Isha Khalid says:


  3. Johnny Scythe says:

    Stephen Colbert looks like he can be a Kingsman agent. He already has the right hair style and the right glasses.

  4. Dollar Muffin says:

    Trump is really the man behind his success.

  5. sirus804 says:

    Hahahaha all the salt from the Trump supporters in the comments. I’m loving it almost as much as they love eating McDonnos.

  6. Sandra Andrews says:

    How clever of Stephen to make the comparison of Trump admin
    to a Broadway show!!😉😁 #intellectuallycheeky

  7. 1LIFEtoWIN says:

    We already know what the triggered Trump supporters are going to say:

    BLah Liberal Jewish Hollywood blah blah Fake News Blah I don’t like Colber because he’s mean to my emperor blah blah

  8. BTW says:

    Trumpest are triggered, please show them the closest safe space, they are precious snowflakes

  9. Theresa Baro says:

    Since Trump supporters seem to be so sensitive when it comes to people making fun of Trump, they themselves are the “snowflakes” they’re always complaining about.

  10. Chris Bradley says:

    Free speech. That’s why I love being an American.

  11. bill bixby says:

    Colbert is more obsessed with Trump than Polanski was with children.

  12. James Soltis says:

    …mein fuhrer has been criticized. I will now pout and rant, using words and phrases from *the approved list of alt-right deflections*.**
    **Approved list of deflections–
    Hillary and Obama
    John Podesta
    pizza pedophiles
    George Soros
    sharia law
    spirit cooking
    no evidence
    Saul Alinsky
    fake news
    uranium deal
    Clinton Foundation
    No puppet
    No puppet
    You’re the puppet

  13. A Nomad says:

    things a trump supporter might say….. libtard, cuck, snowflake, fake news, Hitlery, blaming everything on Obama and the media…. and the list goes on

  14. John Doll says:

    God bless President Trump. The left continues its meltdown because Hillary lost.

  15. President Oso says:

    Trump For Prison 2017! Trump lies more than Joe Isuzu!
    Check out my Pinocchio Trump video:)

  16. Kitty says:

    Get Stephen to host the Oscars next year!

  17. Heroic Love says:

    What are the Tony awards about?

  18. Melissa Anne says:

    This man obsessed with Trump. Just know Trump will always be better than you🤗

  19. darkkeg says:

    lol he not even funny

  20. Gew Seppe says:

    This guy looks like he faps to Trump hentai

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