Stephen Curry AND Kevin Durant get ejected! – threw mouth piece at referee

Stephen Curry AND Kevin Durant get ejected! – threw mouth piece at referee

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Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies! – 10.21.2017

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20 Responses

  1. James Bianchetta says:

    nigga quit throwing you’re mouthpiece faggot damn curry and that mouthpiece mad annoying fucking sell that shit on eBay thats fucking disgusting who ever picked it up I feel bad for you

  2. Luke Tha Creep says:

    He didn’t even get fouled, what a baby.

  3. Sachin The Gamer says:

    Curry getting cocky these days just cause KD there

  4. Stephen says:

    Honestly that was barely a foul. He was just mad cuz they were going to lose lol

  5. Cheesyfly high says:

    Come on man, yall be gonna calling fouls if it was someone else, just call the foul same as everyone, why even the ref hating when he can’t control his own memphis bullshit

  6. Obiajulu Nnamdi says:

    KD the great pretender! That’s the same way you had Russel Westbrook’s back when Marc Cuban said trash Russ and yet u slithered away from OKC….now ure “fighting for Curry” after dissing his shoe brand….cupcake snake…

  7. Mussh Wins says:

    karma is a bitch. wars gonna have a very lackluster season. doubt they make the play offs.

  8. Najla Spann says:

    First of all, no one touched the man so he needs to chill. And stop throwing your nasty ass mouthpiece at people 😭 That should be a suspension EVERY TIME.

  9. barry morgan says:

    “And the Golden State Warriors have completely unraveled”. Yep and i hope that goes on ALL YEAR.

  10. blazinpyromaniac says:

    KD always a follower, not a leader

  11. Ajax Drano says:

    White man does it: “Hey, stop that.” Black man does it: “ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON!” *hits floor*

  12. Palpatine says:

    can someone explain why the ref ejected them?

  13. Landonvlogz says:

    snake kd wanted to go back to locker room w his daddy

  14. ghostchasr68 says:

    Kevin if I can’t beat them join them Durant…

  15. whatever3210 says:

    Poor thugz. Lol. Who watches and supports these bread and circuses clowns anyway? Low iq, ignorant, naive morons. That’s who. You useful idiots better wake up quick to what’s happening around you. NBA fans I doubt even have the ability of critical thought so you’re all probably beyond hope.

  16. Mf Raged says:

    This made me happy 😊

  17. Cruz Ram says:

    It’s really disrespectful throwing a mouthpiece while you on the court. Well deserved to be ejected.

  18. Howard Pryor says:

    He didn’t actually throw the mouthpiece at the ref. He threw it out of frustration for the no call… But referees hate to be shown up by players causing the ejection.

  19. Wyatt Power says:

    Curry a fuckin nignog idiot.. There was only 40 seconds left anyway. No big deal. Game was ovr alredy for um. They suck

  20. Hey Hi says:

    I like how they’re complaining when the nba’s rigged

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