Stephen Curry Breaks 3-Point Record | 2022 All-Star Game Highlights

Stephen Curry Breaks 3-Point Record | 2022 All-Star Game Highlights

Stephen Curry dropped a 50-ball and won the first Kobe Bryant MVP award in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game in Cleveland.

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39 Responses

  1. iAMAV says:

    Many players play the game, but very few players CHANGE the game. Congrats Steph 🐐!

    • BertGH says:

      @Pepi Roni you have Donald Trump as your profile picture yet discredit people’s opinions because of their grammar. How fucking ironic this whole situation is 💀💀💀

    • Ricky Moss says:

      @Pepi Roni and that chase you could say in 2011 finals LeBron was second fiddle to Wade cuz he was clearly the best player on the Heat that year and Steph 3-1 in the playoffs against the guy he’s supposedly not in the Galaxy with including individual games 15-7 playoff competition

    • Big Al says:

      @Pepi Roni  you made because when you reached into your uncles pocket you found out that that wasn’t candy

    • Ivan D says:

      @Pepi Roni this the dumbest argument ever.. by your logic, kareem isn’t considered a great, bill russell isn’t, wilt isn’t and the likes of Barkley, Stockton and even kd aren’t. Learn the game before spouting out some bullshit

    • Cadillac Kadafi says:

      Steph Curry is box office! He is the most entertaining player to watch since Michael Jordan and Kobe

  2. Renai Ssance says:

    We’re gonna miss this man after he retires , just brought so much fun to this game

  3. Oxstima says:

    3:18 You know you are a LEGEND when you got legends hyped like this 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Big DO says:

    The man is a gunner. I really believe we’re taking him for granted. We’ll never see a lights out player like Steph again.

  5. Anthony Samuel says:

    It is an honor to be alive to see this man play

  6. Davo Migo says:

    “He was born here.. him and Lebron was born in the same hospital”

    Everybody from North Carolina: 👁👄👁

    • Javier Leija says:

      at the post-game press conference Lebron referred to him as “the other kid from Akron”, which is funny because he was boo’ed the entire weekend! All love though, I’m sure that’s the ultimate sign of respect as he comes to Cavs territory

  7. AJ Carrs says:

    Truly a legend who is immortalized in the NBA throughout the ages to the end of time. Fortunately, Kerr wasn’t the coach for team Lebron or he would have benched Steph after making 3 three pointers, which he does all the time when he gets hot. Hope Kerr watched the all star game and took notice that you don’t bench a player who’s hot and not injured and expects the player to catch up when he/she is all cold after being benched.

    • Zero says:

      You bench them to AVOID injuries. That’s one of the things that lead Derrick Rose to have his first injury. His coach let him play in a meaningless 4th quarter where his team was pretty much guaranteed to win, which got him injured and robbed us of one of the most athletic human beings in existence.

  8. G Mac says:

    The allstar game used to be a dunk fest now we’re looking to see how many threes can steph make. Dude literally changed the game!!!

    • Captain Forever says:

      @captainfabregas while I agree with you, I understand the players’ feelings about the game. Nobody wants to play extra hard and risk a season-ending injury so late in the season on a game that means nothing in the long run. The NBA needs to add an incentive that would actually make players want to play. Maybe something like “the player with the most points’ team gets to host the asg the next year”.

    • captainfabregas says:

      Not for the better unfortunately. Not his problem though.

    • Th3 0ne says:

      He really change it .

    • Backpack PePelon says:

      @Breathe Easily as relative between the two, you gotta understand more of physical is not devoid of skill. To drive the point more, have you ever seen a player did 360 between the legs dunk before?

    • Breathe Easily says:

      @Backpack PePelon Try to do a between the legs 360 and tell me it’s not skill.

  9. Rich says:

    Stephen curry is a legend

  10. Tom Balando says:

    Fantastic! This has become a Curry All Star Show!👏👏🥂🤣🤣

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