Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson Postgame Interview – Game 4 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals

Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson Postgame Interview – Game 4 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals

Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors – Game 4 | June 7, 2019 NBA Finals | 2019 NBA Playoffs
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103 Responses

  1. CPodtheGoat says:

    These guys are not used to being down in the Finals.

  2. Suhas Pai says:

    I hate to say this, but Curry was horrible on defense today, especially in the second half. Also, why weren’t they running more plays for Klay, he was hot, but they never fed him continuously.

    • Tajae Pearson says:

      I agree he left 5 big shoots open ??‍♂️

    • The_Grimby says:

      Curry is tired from getting grabbed in every single game since the playoffs started. Every team realized that refs dont call off the ball holding in the playoffs so why not grab him to make him tired? If it were the NFL there’d be pass interference on every single play. I mean Van Fleet literally told the refs what his plan was before the series started and he barely gets any foul calls.

    • Donna Dunbar says:

      Curry lead nba in steals n he has some type of defense quit hatin

    • Ernestine Phillips says:

      Yeeeeees the warriors championship run has come to a end

    • Tommy Davis says:

      Wait he’s good on defense?

  3. PartheNaan says:

    The science of nutrition question tho ???

  4. don dada says:

    Never Give up guys Never give up. Respect to the Raptors tho.

  5. Son-Jay Harrison says:

    Warriors call LeBron: “how did you guys come back from being down 1-3 in 2016?”

    • Ross micheal says:

      They had their best 3 players, no way GS is gonna come back with out a healthy KD.

    • Jeff Scafella says:

      “First you need to have one of your guards take out the leg of either Gasol or Ibake when they are in the air so hopefully they hyperextend their knee.” “Second, walk over Siakam or Leonard and teabag them when they’re on the ground and antagonize a suspension consequential retaliation.” “Third, cry to Kiki VanDeWeghe and bribe the referees.” If you do this Warriors then you shall come back from a 3-1 deficit.
      Sincerely Lebron James esq.

    • Wzrd Hndrixx says:

      Son-Jay Harrison well let’s see get kahwi fouled out at home and get pascal siakim suspended ??‍♂️…nun of thst gonna happen HOLD THIS L

    • Rees Trujillo says:

      TheEsssayGaming not in the finals tho?

    • Tommy Davis says:

      leeguji didn’t the Warriors win their first ring because of injures?

  6. Nick says:


  7. Terri Stephenson says:

    Steph looked so pissed from the first question ?

  8. gor9027 says:

    Steph is really never getting a Finals MVP.

    • Nate says:

      @R This wasn’t an even series sadly

    • Sean Walsh says:

      Team Grinders Steph has carried and saved them FARRRR MORE than they’ve saved him. Educate yourself

    • Sean Walsh says:

      Team Grinders reading your comments shows you don’t have any basketball knowledge. Please do us a favor and comment on something else.
      Funny how crazy good Steph is and you memers attack him lmao. Educate yourself. He deserved finals mvp 2015 and honestly last year too

    • Whitney J says:

      gor9027 Seems that way and I hate that..??‍♀️

    • The_Grimby says:

      @ErroneousE I’d be crying too if I played horrible. Fuck I’m crying after the Warriors lost and I didn’t even play. If you get competitive you get mad when you dont play up to your standards.

  9. Woojin Lee says:

    Klay really got his feelings hurt

  10. Noah Cross says:

    They don’t even sound like they believe the crap they saying ?

    • Zois Antonopoulos says:

      @CanadianLoveKnot well you are wrong and unlucky because i study math and propabilities. X will be unfeasible only if it is not part of Ω. In other words , if there is an outcome that warriors win , this outcome is tied to a propability which means that it could happen. Is it unlucky ? Yes. It is possible ? Yes

    • King Savage says:

      Ubmad cuz u know warriors are going to win ? ?????

    • Mario Taylor says:

      They sound like this after every game.

    • Mory Gbane says:

      In their defense they may still be disappointed that they loss two consecutive home games in the NBA Finals

    • Peyton Mcfarland says:

      Marc Gasol is the greatest to ever lace up. Hands down

  11. Sypher D. says:

    Klay still pissed about not playin game 3

    • Darth Vaper says:

      @Aqua Boogie true

    • Wzrd Hndrixx says:

      Aqua Boogie right dumbass dude ??‍♂️ hate injuries but in this case services him right for tryin that

    • Elite Ayanokoji says:

      @Aqua Boogie He didn’t even flop he just landed wrong on his hamstring. You never really see him flop in games. I want the Raptors to win but you just sound like a hater.

    • Eduardo Ortiz Garcia says:

      I mean he did have a chance to come back and prove himself in game 4 ?‍♂️ what now ?

    • Adam Samuel says:

      Yeah series would have been tied had he played in game 3. Might have been different in either in Game 3 or 4.

  12. Chidori Ufumaki says:

    Klay and curry walked in like an annoyed kid when they mom stay calling them ?

    • Jimmy Willims says:

      @Warren May Curry even said it his self nobody is going to feel sorry for them because they won so much

    • Warren May says:

      Jimmy Willims that’s not the point I was making but okay I guess ???

    • Steven DiP says:

      English retard? Stay in school kids

    • Chidori Ufumaki says:

      Every language has shortcuts you cant teach. Not a lot of people speak perfect English on a the daily. If you’re unaware about that I hope you are now kid

    • Sean Walsh says:

      Asmosis Jones stfu dumb fuck. They’d have won 2016 if Steph didn’t get hurt lmao. Y’all memers forget an mcl tear. Just wait. And btw if the warriors kept their role players and ran it back they’d fucking beat the Cavs the next season as well without kd

  13. Anandhu R Krishnan says:

    you didnt run enough play for klay…when he was hot…instead u went for curry who was struggling..

    • Caleb Oberhouse says:

      Every time Curry’s playing he gets double teamed and passes the ball out to the open man. So he doesn’t have as many opportunities for shots.

    • Ric Benj says:

      prn72271 yeah so much lack of offense from the warriors, warriors had always been a jumpshooting team , and if its not falling then its a wrap for them. thats why they need kd. he can post up , he can drive , he can shoot perimeter , shoot threes and he can d up.

    • hei says:

      Trying to get him a finals mvp ???. These warriors need another all star.

    • Onur Böle says:

      I don’t have a problem with Curry as long as he at least tries. That also happened in 2016 finals, Klay was hot and they didn’t use him, but Curry couldn’t get his shot up either. Tonight he was trying. But in some turning moments they were turning to McKinnie lol, that’s unexcusable.

    • Fumi Rose says:

      Exactly like I’m a Warriors fan but Curry wasn’t play very well yesterday. And what made me mad was that Klay was hot and they wouldn’t give him the ball. They kept giving it to Curry who y’all see he’s struggling. Like if they gave it to klay more like they did in the first half they would of won

  14. Carolin Scott says:

    Does anyone feel that the coach could have made more effective changes,.

    • none says:

      Kerr was a good player but he is a overrated coach. He has a team of allstars and can’t win a championship…. They should be a lock every season.

    • omieg89 says:

      none honestly Kerr needs to tell Steph to take over with the ball in his hands. Problem is, Steph can’t do it. That’s the only adjustment to be made aside from KD coming back

    • Da'dra Greathouse says:

      Carolin Scott I missed the game, but I believe that Steve Kerr doesn’t call times outs to stop Toronto’s runs like their coach does to stop the Warriors from getting into rhythm.

    • Scott Gabelman says:

      So true! Whatever happened to keep running plays for the hot hand that Klay Thompson had!…… usually the players figure it out and keep going to the hot player but the Warriors don’t process it during the game.

    • Matt Ervin Matugas says:

      @none with that roster of injuries, Kerr can’t push his player to win.. Idiot!

  15. کج کجکی says:

    I am from Toronto but seeing 2 minutes left in the 4 quarter and their fan leave its hard and unreal these guys win them 2 championship and now in the finall that’s not the right way to show your appreciation ?

    • Wakemeup Now says:

      I been to Raptors games in Toronto, fans leave there early too, regular season anyways. Toronto has a lot of bandwagon fans too but not as many as GS cuz there’s only one team in Canada!

    • BranTheBarber says:

      Sonido Acuario these people are just talking just to talk, at this point it’s not even worth it to talk back lol. I’m from San Francisco, so I kno, if your anywhere, game, concert, it’s always smart to leave a little early

    • Brock Bohner says:

      They were all racing to buy raptor jerseys on their way out haha

    • Nicole S says:

      im not from Toronto but been rooting for the Raptors since this series started and everyone is the NBA knows that Warriors has the most flip-floppy fans in the league they only cheer when they win plus alot might of been mad since they most likely put money on the team to win.. Raptors needs to close on Monday or automatically going to game 7

  16. Kevon Santana says:

    Klay just said a key factor, “MAN UP AND PLAY” ??

    • Joshua Parra says:

      @JJ Jayden maybe just maybe KD comes back for game 6 & 7. Know what i think is that the GSW medical aint gonna clear him play cause they know he’s becoming a free agent during the summer and will sign with a new team, evern if some how they were to actually come back in win the finals he was still going to leave the warriors anyways

    • Joshua Parra says:

      @milleniumann28 how was that for steph….. Tell me how the fuck that was for him when he’s been keeping them in the game without curry they aint shit

    • Yellowknight888 says:

      Pop and Tony Parker yelled at Kawii to “Man up and Play”, see what happened.

    • Rona FromTheEast says:

      JJ Jayden I agree but, I don’t think steph should get ANY hate just due to the fact that he’s been playing heavy ass minutes and trying to carry his team. Just like lebron I’m 2015 or 2018. But also, it’s the warriors fault of the injuries. They literally sacrificed bench depth just to have the Hampton 5 lineup of 5 all stars. So during the regular season if they’re down at the second half, they would have to sub in the starters to get a comeback if anything.

    • Ernestine Phillips says:

      Come on man it’s over with the all-star warriors championship run is finally over and I am glad

  17. Richard Alvarez says:

    Steph after game 3 loss: “Its an opportunity for us.
    Steph after game 4 loss:” Its a great opportunity for us”

    • m335 says:

      an opportunity to get out of the finals and get out of my life forever

    • Sean Walsh says:

      Rashane Haye weren’t healthy in 2016 either

    • Richard Alvarez says:

      @Anthony DePaola You know how many times you have the chance to do a 3 peat? It is very significant for a franchise and i haven’t really seen the best basketball from the Warriors in these finals so that’s why it’s pretty sad. I know they have injuries but still Warriors are capable of more than what we’ve witnessed. I won’t diminish all other accomplishments but only celtics, lakers and bulls have had three peats in the past and Warriors deserved to be on that list for sure.

    • ThePurpleViking says:

      CodyS777 Me and Curry got the same number of Finals MVPs tho 😉

    • LOVE TUBE says:

      Game 5 loss: Its an amazing opportunity

  18. Savage Noah says:

    Klay tried to be serious in the beginning but he saw steph put his head down and lost it ???????

  19. Jafar Martin says:

    I knew Steph unloaded his clip Wed. Should’ve pulled him at the 6 min Mark last game.

  20. Nostalgic Gamer says:

    This is easy they gave up bench and depth for kd and a injured boogie so if kd ever get hurt you relying on prospects and bench warmers

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