Stephen Curry Postgame Interview – Game 1 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

Stephen Curry Postgame Interview – Game 1 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game 1 Highlights | NBA Finals | May 30, 2019 NBA Playoffs

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79 Responses

  1. TheButler DidIT says:

    This dude gets Batista Bombed every time he drives to the rim ???‍♂️

  2. javellb says:

    Lol currymoto looking like a hunchback

    • Winston McGregor says:

      LOL that coat looks too light to say it’s adding wieght. Lookks like he’s in a wierd body suit

    • ageraRable says:

      Yep he’s got his tail between his legs that’s for sure, nice to see the change. now let’s hope these raptors can crush these fags once and for all.

    • javellb says:

      ageraRable uhhhhh naw lol

  3. Dro Sims says:

    Love how the warriors always stay composed when they lose

    • carlos rodriguez says:


    • Calvin J says:

      Apple Sugar lol ok salty mfer. 2 time defending champ team? I don’t think anyone who knows how basketball works thinks the Warriors suck for even 1 second. You can be mad the Warrior shit all over your team these last few years, but you need to give credit where it’s obviously due.

    • UceMob says:

      Apple Sugar suck a dick bitch

    • K Lynch says:

      Championship mentality. They better start Bogut or Looney in game 2! Marc Gasol killed them

  4. ninjarevv says:

    So many new faces in the media lol

  5. gurrarai says:

    Steph curry is super well spoken. Mad props to him always! Champion for a Reason!

  6. Maserbeams says:

    Too many turnovers and not good enough D on Siakam.

  7. Genn S. says:

    He a lil maaad but that’s expected ? it’s all gravy baby

  8. Hasan A. says:

    That hunchback making Steph look more like Larry King

  9. J Money says:

    They should honestly interview Drake after every game.

  10. Everyday we Lit says:

    Say what u want about Aubrey, but that trollin he did on IG was classic.???

  11. Dan Le says:

    0:04 how you react when you browse the latest PLAYBOY issue

  12. abdullah alvi says:

    Golden state a great team filled with champions but the raptors can’t be underestimated they hungry gonna be a great series

  13. Emil Sosnin says:

    When you study for Kawhi but you get Siakam on the exam #raptors ?️?️?️

  14. williemo44 says:

    Win or lose Steph always looks like he is having fun when he is playing. I admire that.

  15. Daniel Yang says:

    Steph would be such a great coach in the future

  16. RomeoTheShow says:

    People Keep Forgetting That Kawhi is Champion and Has Been To Finals Multiple Times ???

  17. Chris John says:

    Interviews are part of the job. Even though they sometimes suck.

  18. Karen Gutloff says:

    Love Steph Curry, no pouting, no tantrums. Owning the loss and staying positive.

  19. HajjidaGr8 says:

    He isn’t worried I love his composure and how doesn’t make excuses

    • DRIZZ_KRML _ says:

      HajjidaGr8 he did have an excuse, but he very well mannered when being interviewed, as an athlete should be. But he’s a child after he hits a shot ?

    • Carlos Gonzalez says:

      +T tba fuck you bitch its only one game wow ????? and you guys think you going to win EVER thing stfu and go back under your rock warrior’s in 5

    • Ken Kaneki says:

      +Carlos Gonzalez Pretty sure your dumbass said Warriors in 4 you stfu bitch make sure you keep that same energy when you bums are down 0-2 pussy

    • Veezy the bot says:

      +Ken Kaneki yall all toxic

    • The Greatest Of Our Generation says:

      T tba Toronto got a win & you still find a way to be bitter against the warriors. Celebrate and shut the fuck up. I just wonder how miserable your life really is.

  20. Jacob Brar says:

    wow, Mark from espn didn’t mention Draymond calling himself the best defensive player?

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