Stephen Curry Postgame Interview – Game 5 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

Stephen Curry Postgame Interview – Game 5 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game 5 Highlights | June 10, 2019 NBA Finals

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97 Responses

  1. Lord 2wice says:

    Come on Warriors win this for KD! ???

    • Tj Saeteun says:

      @Mridul Mathur an idiot like u can see that his initial injury was serious. he should have never been allowed to play. team doctors, private doctors should never have cleared him. obviously kd is a competitor, he is gonna want to play. somebody from that medical staff needs to get fired. now looney is out again

    • Mridul Mathur says:

      @Tj Saeteun u r fucked up the injury this time is different from the last one. This he got his ankle injured and the last time it was the calf

    • Mridul Mathur says:

      @Tj Saeteun it was all cause of strain on his leg u stupid bimbo. So plz just shut up ????

    • Hung Vu says:

      KD’s career is over. This is permanent damage and career ending.

    • Kelvin Barber says:

      FREE MOVIES not if goes 7

  2. TheButler DidIT says:

    Win or lose this series , curry has been doing everything he can.. respect ??????

    • GuyRidingOstrich says:

      When he basically had nobody on the court, and Toronto had 5 amazing players.. and he still dropped 47.. He is the MVP

    • TheButler DidIT says:

      Averaging 30+ in the finals while being trapped , boxed and 1 while also being one of the smallest guys out there so yes he has , you dumb hoe

    • Vern Pascal says:

      Curry and Thompson too have hit so many clutch 3’s that the great has become the norm.

    • Trivannah Charles says:

      Yes I most definitely agree.
      I’ve been a warriors fan for years and win or lose
      Steph and klay are a true warrior. The team
      only shows that they really have what it takes.??
      I have confidence that they’ll take this championship
      Prayers for KD ??

  3. Nick Rivas says:

    How can you not just love steph ?

    • Jonathon Banasiak says:

      If GS wins the series and Curry wins the Finals MVP, I’ll be back replying to your comment telling you how much of an idiot you really are.

    • Muslim says:

      I know, I will never understand it.

    • Nick Rivas says:

      lastplayer that’s rude but if that’s how you feel about me even though you don’t know me ok.”IF YOU ARE TALKING TO ME”

    • Ezra Przytyk says:

      Fact raptors all the way but Steph one of my fav players after kawhi, siakam doncic, giannis

    • Muslim says:

      @Nick Rivas This shows how much class Steph haters have. Steph not only a good basketball player but humble, caring, and most important with high class. This is why we like him and his team so much. Civility matters.

  4. Joe Zhao says:

    Let’s just pray for KD ? hope he will come back stronger next year !

  5. Sports Super Stats says:

    Curry. Let’s get two more. You can do it.

  6. j2kool c says:

    steph your a class act…respect

  7. Rohit says:

    Curry one of the best ever to do it. On and off the court ?

  8. Uniquee Waves says:

    Prayers for KD. He played with so much heart and destroyed his body for not only his team but for the same people who ridicule and call him soft. I’m not a warriors fan but after tonight I never want to hear someone call this man soft again. Congrats on the win dubs

    • Sean Madden says:

      @Ryan Santos and they’ve been gifted this championship and still haven’t won. It’s clear as day. They should be appreciative.

    • Sean Madden says:

      @Scalene Toast hindsight is always 20/20

    • Sean Madden says:

      @Maurice White and the fact that the refs have been gifting this series to Toronto.

    • Sean Madden says:

      @Rajohn Barnes and he’s a different player than before.

    • kungpowchicken78 says:

      @Ryan Santos as a raptors fan I was dissappointed to. Don’t act like the Warriors fans didn’t boo Kawhi when he got hurt by ZAZA years ago playing for the spurs. Also boo’d irving/love when they got injured during playoffs. There are classless fans in every city in every country.

  9. CPodtheGoat says:

    Curry and Klay did the most this game. Clutch players.

  10. Bilgesu Güneş says:

    i can see that they will fight for KD. we trust you!

  11. Christopher F. says:

    Some of the questions by these reporters are cheap. Stop trying to create drama with this. Steph just left his heart on the court and is dealing with KD going down. Show some restraint.

    • J.R. says:

      Big facts

    • Satoshi Nakamoto says:

      This is where NBA players earn their millions, fielding dumb ass questions from one of the 4 remaining media corporations. Pushing pre determined narratives and sucking the joy out of what was an all time performance by the players.

    • Yancy Nunez says:

      Christopher Forlines omg i feel so bad for this millionaires who are just playing basketball. Stfu stop been so fucking sensitive

    • Christopher F. says:

      @Yancy Nunez Where do I say that I am sensitive? Or my feelings are hurt by this? I didn’t.

      It doesn’t matter about money, it is about character. Silly little Yancy, you clearly have no character. So I’m not surprised by your response or any that will follow.

  12. Grace Hall says:

    Humble and great guy!! Steph keep on killing it bro

  13. Blessings Deliverance says:

    Steph is an amazing team leader. Praying for KD. He’s one of my favs.

  14. Danny N says:

    “Sometimes the spirit tells you what to do”. God bless Steph, KD, and all the Warriors.

  15. Rasean Blanks says:

    Prayers go out to KD??? and I believe the warriors can do it and force a game 7.??? #DubNation

  16. Gino says:

    So can we agree to finally eliminate the “Steph Curry always comes up small in big moments” narrative? Hitting that big 3-pt shot with 1:25 left in the 4th quarter to tie the game at 103-103, to go along with his 31 pts 8 rebounds 7 assists, facing elimination in a 3-1 series against the Raptors, with KD going down. That was cold blooded!
    Prayers for KD’s quick and complete recovery!

    • Gino says:

      @Kyle Barnes I feel like him coming back from an injury during the playoffs and even reaching the finals was a great accomplishment, but some people nitpick I guess

    • Ahmad2423 says:

      @Chris Taylor Take the emotions out of it an agree to disagree like a grown up or just STFU move on. No he is not the GREATEST shooter of All-Time IMO constantly shooting 40% or less than from field in almost every Finals He’s been in while being in his prime. Game 5 in particular he went stone ass cold for the entire 2nd half til he hit that 3 in the end which he started 6/7 then went 4-17 so cut da Shit. What Curry is an will go down as is the GREATEST 3point shooter of All-Time based on the numbers/Attempts. But he freezes up in the CLUTCH time after time every knows this about him. So for me I would take Klay as a more clutch shooter over Steph, But Steph is a way better overall player than Klay. So that makes their duo even more dominate what one lacks the other one makes up for it. But STOP being a fan-Boy an see him for what he really is Great long distance shooter but not as CLUTCH as he should be or as most think he is.

    • David Anthony says:

      Gino get off the internet and go pray

    • C T says:

      @Ahmad2423 What are you talking about? Do you even watch the game. Step isn’t a spot up shooter. He’s running through screens, penetrating and setting up his teammates. he’s moving all over the place to provide spacing for his team. If you can’t tell, he has no leg left in the 4th after playing over 40 mins again. Shooting starts w/ your legs and yet he still came up clutch w/ the tying 3. Also, clutch is also more than hitting a 3. It’s making the right play. He found Klay late in the game after missing a pullup. He consistently draws 2-3 defenders and makes the right play. That’s clutch. Oh yeah, if you want to bash Curry’s shooting percentage this series, the so call MVP or best player in the league KL is shooting 43% this series and 38% from 3. He gets bail out at the line as he averages 11 FT per game. Refs literally handing the game to TO. SMH

    • The Kid Named Cudi says:

      Until that moment he completely disappeared in the second half but go awf sis

  17. Denise Vara says:

    Splash Brothers did there thing for Durant and Dub Nation

  18. Steve Spears says:

    Sometimes the spirit tell you what to do;love that response from a Christian man;

  19. Fahmida Wahid says:

    Steph’s take on the Raptor’s fans were so classy.

    • Sean Madden says:

      @Drena. F it was ugly as fuckkkkkk. you guys should be grateful the NBA is trying to gift you a championship. Just look at Twitter over the past two weeks. Your fan base is trash, in general.

    • Sean Madden says:

      @E BO you said half of the fans. Where did you get that statistic, stupid ..?

    • E BO says:

      Sean Madden, you sound upset. The truth tends to be upsetting I know. Sorry about the half, it’s probably more like 53% which is technically over half.

    • Zaymo says:

      Zachary Wubbena kawhi shot 9-24 go check the box score you dumb bitch.. raptors had 6 players that dropped 10+ points

    • Zaymo says:

      Léna Lockhart they also gave KD a standing ovation and chanted his name .. bitch shut the fuck up

  20. ITSSJO says:

    Not really a warriors fan but Mad Respect To Steph

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