Stephen Curry Responds to Fans on the Internet | GQ Sports

Stephen Curry Responds to Fans on the Internet | GQ Sports

On this episode of Actually Me, Stephen Curry goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from fans on Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Wikipedia, Reddit, YouTube and TikTok. Is Klay Thompson a better shooter than him? Who does he got? Prime Allen Iverson or himself? Before he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors, what team was he looking forward to getting drafted by? Why can’t he dunk? Is he really going to be in Seth MacFarlane’s animated reboot of Good Times?

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Stephen Curry Responds to Fans on the Internet | GQ Sports

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42 Responses

  1. QuickShot says:

    this is GQ’s most inspirational video 😄

    • bom bombadil says:

      Im over inspried

    • Tisna Rahani says:

      🅟︎🅡︎🅘︎🅥︎🅐︎🅣︎🅔︎ 🅢︎e̶🅧︎⤵️
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    • Herp McDerp says:

      so inspirational man

  2. terrorkf says:

    Curry has mastered the art of balancing competitive speech with playful speech. There’s no disrespect in his answers. Always cool to watch

    • Andre G says:

      @ミカサ・アッカーマン multiple people were hurt for GS in that Rockets series, so not a totally fair comparison.. and for Bulls vs GS, it would come down to which rules they play with.. the physicality is up this season (thank God), but defensive 3 seconds could be an issue for GS current hybrid man/zone defensive scheme..

      GS would just need to ‘contain’ MJ (Wiggs/Iggy on him) and Pip (KD on him).. I give a huge edge to GS’s bench (more balanced).. the match-up I wanna see is the Worm vs. Draymond..

    • Last Ou says:

      yeah like omg he also mastered ur mom haha

    • eXtreme Official says:

      👌🏿 .👌🏿

    • Celso Simón Ons Castro says:

      Exactly, great comment

  3. Pho3nix Zr says:

    “Doesn’t really matter what position you play, it’s can you really play basketball” is factual.

  4. Sharky_ Chomp says:

    “Can’t be good in everything big fella”
    That was the best line lol

  5. 1400 says:

    My favorite part of this video is definitely Steph’s confidence in a lot of these answers lol

  6. Koestar says:

    The fact that he said Tony Allen was one of the toughest people to guard him and Kobe said the same thing proves how lethal Tony Allen really was

    • Kristijan Car says:

      @Bean Team 2 80s have the same pace as today’s game true, but tougher defense. All those defenders I listed were great defenders.

      As for Hakeem and KD, I think they’re both versatile enough to guard each other, now whether they could stop each other is highly debatable. I don’t think either would be very successful, but I’m putting money on Hakeem since he’s a better two way player whilst KD is a better offensive player than Hakeem.

    • Bean Team 2 says:

      @Kristijan Car there’s more fist fights ye, but I’ve watched full games and can tell ya the defenses are worse. There wasn’t even any strategy in defense. Great scorers could always go 1v1 because of the rules. Someone like kd, t Mac, kobe, bron, even derozen would have a field day in the 80s.

    • XD ThatBoiPlayz says:

      @Kifi nataga 2 p

    • eXtreme Official says:

      👌🏿 ,

    • cheesesteakphilly says:



  7. Graves Rock says:

    I really like what their doing with getting NBA players to answer questions we need more of this.

  8. Raymond Qiu says:

    I love how Curry doesn’t try to be all super humble with his answers and if asked who is better at something which common people would say is him, he says it’s himself and answers truthfully

    • Kifi nataga 2 says:

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    • Bangey Boi says:

      Why be humble when ur right I mean the last time someone went humble it the media changed the opinions of themselves

  9. Zsigmond Asare says:

    A wise man once said,
    “Look at Curry man, So inspirational!”

  10. TheDON says:

    This guy is the perfect balance of Humble, Confidence, & Cocky. Inspirational lol 😂

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