Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors Take Down The LA Lakers On Opening Night | NBA on TNT

Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors Take Down The LA Lakers On Opening Night | NBA on TNT

Shaq gets the crowd hype outside Staples Center as the crew dive into the Warriors win over the Lakers on Day 1 of the NBA.

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43 Responses

  1. SuperNASCARrocks says:

    “This team would be good in the 2010’s.” Chuck’s not wrong about the Lakers. They got all the players 10 years too late.

    • Doffy Donquixote says:

      im excited to see the excuses of brons toxic fans

    • Jesse James says:

      @Stang On 22s They wouldn’t have needed it since they had Kobe….!! And I’m a Warriors Fan….

    • Mr Arroyo says:

      @Lord Savage this is the end of the season, those old legs will be tired by all star weekend.
      They got lucky COVID gave them a rest, this ain’t the bubble

    • M Hussain says:

      Russ has never been a great player

    • haruka says:

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  2. Alex Zim says:

    1:46 “Complaining he got fouled like he’s gonna make the free throw” 🤣🤣 WE MISSED YOU GUYS

  3. Klondike Baby says:

    “Deondre complaining he got fouled like he was gonna make the free throw” (SHEeeeessshhhh!!)

  4. Justin Coleman says:

    It’s not the NBA season until inside the NBA crew comes together!!

  5. Jerome Moore Jr says:

    It’s great to have the crew back. Charles Ribbing everyone as usual

  6. Total_6's says:

    Imagine if Steph’s got a decent shooting game and Klay’s on the court. Vegas should change their bet immediately.

  7. Kevin says:

    “They gonna be old no matter who they put out there”

    Chuck wants all the smoke

  8. JSH A says:

    Only Charles Barkley can unite the Lakers and Warriors fans. 😂

  9. David Webster says:

    Respect to Poole, but dont forget Bjelica! He was big for GSW tonight.

  10. Juan Sanchez says:

    3:14 “They gon be OLD no matter who they put out there” Chuck flaming the lakers 😭

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