Stephen Digs Into James Comey’s Opening Statements

Stephen Digs Into James Comey’s Opening Statements

James Comey’s prepared statements were released Wednesday afternoon, just in time for Stephen to give some pregame coverage of Washington’s Super Bowl.

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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Trump’s butt is gonna need Obamacare soon…. because his treatment of Comey is about to bite him in the ass.

  2. Stuart Hepworth says:

    Last time I was this early our president wasn’t a 70 year old kindergartner.

  3. kapp says:

    Is Trump wearing a diaper yet? He must be shitting his pants 24/7.

  4. Jjames763 says:

    People are getting too excited about the prospect of impeachment. That won’t happen until Congress is staffed by people that aren’t completely in the tank for Trump.

  5. JCTiggs says:

    Fox and Friends news update: CURTSEY has been added to the official list of trigger words that will set off Trump supporters.

  6. Mad9977 says:

    *Comey in the air tonight* 😆

  7. Annie parker says:

    Looks like trump made comey to have the most disturbing dates in the history.eww

  8. Bria Penn says:

    I can’t wait for Comey to spill all the dirt on Trump!

  9. fidorover says:

    “… and, Jim, I definitely did not pay a brunette Slovenian prostitute $2,200 to dress up like Melania and hold my hand and tell me that she loves me. That would just be desperate and sad — so sad! — so I totally did not do that, no matter what any fake-news dossier says. And believe me, despite what you may be thinking behind that handsome, expressionless face of yours — which I can barely see by this romantic candlelight — I’m not trying to influence you in any way, shape or form. More free wine and chocolate cake, Jimbo?”
    — _President Donald J. Trump_

  10. The Hellfire Club! says:

    Trump and his sheep are the worst thing for America and the world! Unfortunately there are some Americans who are obsessed with race that they want to see a white racist, sexist, xenophobic fucking idiot then having a good candidate. Look at what he’s done so far….nothing! Oh apart from alienating his allies and dividing America even more.

  11. Iron Sword GAMING says:

    I miss Obama he was great and wasn’t acting like a infant and heck my baby cousin doesn’t act like that

  12. Leah Sartoris says:

    How are we supposed to survive when Stephen, Trevor and Seth are on summer break?

  13. Michael Snow says:

    Give that drummer a raise man, dude knows his cues.

  14. Mr. Plinkett says:

    Can’t we just impeach that expired orange and his idiotic team? Lets start this thing over again. America fucked up again.

  15. ConorsHead says:


  16. Abraham Lincoln says:

    I didn’t die for this shit.

  17. camelshit says:

    Thanks, Colbert.
    I waited.
    You came.
    You articulated.
    I enjoyed.

    And now I’m off to bed; Yeah!

  18. Captain Obvious says:

    I read the testimony myself with a straight face and deeply analyzed it with notes and everything. Then I hear fucking Colbert read the exact same testimony and I realize how fucking funny it is. XD

  19. Chizz Nuck says:

    Who takes out an attack ad on a private citizen to intimidate and primitively discredit his testimony? its like a dictatorship

  20. Renee Ariesen says:

    Why do I have a sinking feeling Comey’s testimony won’t make a difference.

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