Stephen Fixed CNN’s ‘Apple’ Ad

Stephen Fixed CNN’s ‘Apple’ Ad

CNN got extremely honest in a new ad that tackles fake news. Stephen, however, imagines if it had been even more honest.

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20 Responses

  1. Musetrigger says:

    Trump’s base is SO gonna start boycotting apples. They’re gonna do it.

  2. MrDylanHole says:

    That moment when ‘hating the POTUS’ becomes the most lucrative business in America. >.>

  3. Rosco Hogg says:

    The press is everyone’s number one enemy, have been forever. Before Trump, people knew this, and now seem to have forgotten now that he is in office. All the things I used to listen to people complaining about, Trump is now taking on head first, and now those same people that complained are complaining that it’s being handled. Some people are just never satisfied, and deserve to be left behind as we move forward making America great again.

  4. kyle simon says:

    ok make fun of his skin fuck you Stephen and fuck you CNN

  5. 392Muscle says:

    But we can put a man on the cover of playboy and call him a woman?

  6. Toki Buroak says:

    lol Colbert defending CNN after it has spent a year fabricating a fake Russian story only to ignore the URANIUM 1 scandal involving the Obama and the Clintons?? CNN made that commercial because their rating are plummeting and they are desperate as fuck. CNN and Colbert work for George Soros. WAKE UP SNOWFLAKES!!!!

  7. Finn Eire says:

    “That was about Trump” Got laughs

  8. David Beale says:

    That routine was a plumb.

  9. Simon sez says:

    Question for all you folks.
    For many a presidential term until this one, the Thanksgiving turkey has been pardoned by the president.
    Will the Orange Don pardon the bird?

  10. BellicIV says:

    This is a male. People might scream, female, female, female. You might even believe it’s a female, but it’s still a male. #facts

  11. macronencer says:


  12. TheCheesegrease says:

    Thank god for Trump, otherwise Stephen Colbert would be out of a job.

  13. Art blender says:


  14. Doctor Feelfunny says:

    PLEASE look up the word “impeach”. It doesn’t mean “remove from office”. It’s irritating when YouTube commenters clearly don’t know that – but tv writers on a political show? That’s depressing.

    To impeach a president is to put him or her on trial for a crime, the guilt of which could lead to removal from office.

    And why the FUCK do people of the left in the U.S. think Mike Pence would be a better president?? Or Paul Ryan???

    Trump is NOT the political mastermind you seem to think he is. He’s a bumbling buffoon. His own party resents him. He can’t get anything done. He says “I want ten times more nukes!” and his administration just roll their eyes and change the subject.

  15. Jeff says:

    Trump isn’t my guy or anything, but that add was some bullshit. Both Trump and the media are a bunch of lying basterds, it’s just a matter of whose lying more at the moment.

  16. Benzaiten says:

    has there ever been a time when major news outlets where this outspoken against a president?

  17. Brad Suarez says:

    The President of the United States is a man who once felt it necessary to prove that he was in fact not related to orangutans. Sigh

  18. Yorky Gonzalez says:

    looks & sounds like an 🍎 commercial to me.

  19. Ching-Chen Huang says:

    Of course they don’t have to pretend it’s a banana, just fabricate an apple, that’s it.

  20. Davethe3rd says:

    Here’s the thing about that ad:

    Nobody, but NOBODY, believes that is a banana. They know it’s an apple. But they desperately want and need that to be an banana, because they’re suffering from a potassium deficiency, so they act like it’s a banana. They yell “banana!” to anyone within earshot. They subscribe to Banana groups on Facebook and post Banana memes. They constantly bring up Bananaghazi, like they care, but conveniently ignore the Applesauce made in Niger a couple of weeks ago.

    They will never say that is an apple, because if they ever do say it’s an apple, then they have to ask themselves all kinds of questions, like “Why did I elect such a horrible President?”

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