Stephen Has A Message For George Lucas

Stephen Has A Message For George Lucas

The Japanese trailer for “Star Wars” melted the internet over the weekend, but it reminded Stephen of a nearly decade-old misunderstanding he had with George Lucas. Time to set the record straight.

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20 Responses

  1. harrymarkandjohn says:

    Fun fact: in the German translation they are called Laserschwert which
    literally means laser sword. Lichtsäbel would have been the correct
    translation, that sound mighty weird though…

  2. Maureen McLean says:

    I think George was pulling your leg.

  3. DethroneME says:

    like holding in a dump for 5years.

  4. Alex Ortiz says:

    @:46 fakest laugh I’ve ever heard

  5. James Royce-Dawson says:

    I feel like George Lucas has a twisted sense of humour. I’ve heard he once
    wore a “han shot first” t shirt. He knows he gets a lot of shit from fans
    for his creative decisions and he’s not afraid to troll props for it.

  6. DioOmicida says:

    Does it feel good to get that off your chest, Colbert?

  7. Android 16 says:

    All lightsabers are laser swords, but not all laser swords are lightsabers.

  8. JustWatch124 says:

    senator mccaskill doesn’t want to hear your opinion on star wars


    00:40 George McFly laugh

  10. Keyser Soze says:

    Please link to the battle i can’t find it

  11. BlueFox94 says:

    Correction: R2-D2 had sex with the Death Star. We even saw it in the 1977
    original. Why that film didn’t get an R rating for “Android Erotica” is
    beyond me.

  12. MrJBleedge says:

    Jon Batiste is a very fine musician, but it’s really out of his confort
    zone doing this…

  13. Ben Edwards (Obiben) says:

    Did he say “Millenniun Falcom”?

  14. Hugo Brutus says:

    That laugh was fake as hell by his side kick

  15. Marcus Lake says:

    “Millenium Falcolm”

  16. ICIWMB says:

    Stephen you cant talk about star wars Senator McCaskill said so.

  17. bob toe says:

    he kinda reminds me of tony stark

  18. Moh Om says:

    spread the world people ! George lucas needs to hear thos

  19. enginesnblades says:

    Too bad they’re shaped like small swords and used like arming swords. Well,
    how a gymnast with palsy would use an arming sword anyway.

  20. Diego The Star Pirate says:

    Also, he was gonna call Chewbacca’s race “Wooliees” but he made a typo and
    was too lazy to correct it.