Stephen Has A Story: Don’t Pull A Colbert

Stephen Has A Story: Don’t Pull A Colbert

It’s Super Bowl time! Noted football enthusiast Stephen Colbert remembers the one time he tried to play.

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64 Responses

  1. Alaina Back says:

    I absolutely love these story segments omlllll

  2. Thomas Walton says:

    Better story than anything Trump has said in his lifetime

  3. Mesondee Turado says:

    “one of the circles of dante’s inferno.” ? Lol

    • Harrison La time traveler says:

      OMG that was funny as well!

    • kragseven says:

      I knew a guy who grew up in Florida. He said they coach wouldn’t have practice until the late afternoon rains came. He said the humidity after the rain was a killer

    • Alex Gulino says:

      +kragseven yeah our 2adays week (2 practices about 3 hours each in 1 day) were in August in Alabama. 1 year it was during a heatwave and it was 112 in the sun with like 90% humidity…couple guys vomited and 1 ended up passing out from heatstroke… back then they only let us drink water like 1 or 2 times during the practice… it was idiotic.

    • Peter Adams says:

      I live in the neighborhood he grew up in… he is not lying.

    • Faith Castillo says:

      I grew up in Alabama where the heat and humidity are living, breathing animals.

  4. Silvia Martinez says:

    Hope she kept the shirt!

  5. Sarah Campbell says:

    I love Colbert? “I was FIERCE!”

    • fanOmry says:

      I hated that part actually..

      I’d preffer a sports analogy for that.

      That fierce..

      Rang false for me.

    • Sarah Campbell says:

      fanOmry While I’m sure the line was a joke, I’m also sure he couldn’t care less if I loved it, or you hated it- because he definitely had fun filming it, and that’s what matters.?

    • fanOmry says:

      +Sarah Campbell

      Ultimately.. Yeah.

      That’s the way it should be..

      But that has not been our world for at least three years.

      I hope someone with low maturity but takes that like close enough to me will not find this video.

      I used to watch Colbert all the time and am still fond of him.

      While I do not always agree with his opinions; hence no longer watching him.

      I always found him a sharp mind and a heart of gold.

      I should watch him again..

  6. Mesondee Turado says:

    We know it’s true because of that genuine smile you have while talking about it.

  7. Emily Eldridge says:

    Absolutely love, Stephen Has A Story.

  8. Heather Bleu says:

    Stephen is a very handsome man tho..
    Guys, it’s okay to like this comment too, it will only boost your masculinity. Plus, the chicks will flock:)

  9. Corissa Dorethy says:

    I love the Batman reference. Let your geek flag fly!

  10. terradisiena says:

    Whoever had the idea of these segments I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  11. Sara Agatha says:

    Nice scarf and coat. Looks so cute and elegant on him.

  12. Aflay says:

    “Flat and hairless, I miss you”

    I feel this. Big time.

  13. Kutkid says:

    Stop being so sexy Colbert. I can’t take it. To top it off you played D and D? I’m melting.

  14. Lorna Ginette Harrison says:

    Love, love, *LOVE* these! Definitely needs to be a regular segment, please Stephen!
    He’s an engaging, more self-deprecating/less acerbic David Sedaris…classily filmed in pin-sharp black & white!

  15. Mike Vander Heiden says:

    The audio is pure chocolate. Rich and delicious.

  16. Chuck Iringtwice says:

    This was my story as well. Went to a very small DOD school in Italy and everybody that went out made the team. I had no Idea about how any of it worked and got beat up in practice. The one play I did make it on to field for I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing and the receiver from the other team fumbled in front of me and I just stood there and the play ended. My coach and everyone on my team screamed at me and cussed me out for not diving on it. It was at that point I realized I wasn’t cut out for sports. But I stuck it out and got my letter. I Still don’t know anything about football!

  17. Georgia L says:

    Best part was Stephen doing the coaches voice

  18. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. says:

    Stephen. Football might not be your thing but you sure are a pro at ripping Trump a new a-hole on a daily basis.

  19. T Electronix says:

    All you sports coaches out there?

    Don’t make one of the kids into a term of insult…..or they will take their revenge by becoming an educated, urbane late night talk show host who shamelessly flaunts his love of Tolkien and other forms of geekery.
    And get to kiss Hollywood actresses.

    PLUS they’ll get not one but TWO flavours of Ben and Jerry ice cream.

    You’ll be seeing that kid’s face everywhere………

  20. Tamera Herrod says:

    We are all extremely thankful you did not play more than that one day so your brilliant mind was not severely damaged on the field. You know the drill: a beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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