Stephen King’s IT – What’s the Difference?

Stephen King’s IT – What’s the Difference?

With the latest film version of IT in theaters, it’s time to take a look back at the original Stephen King novel and the 1990 ABC miniseries. Does the adaptation fall short or does it float? Spoilers, of course it floats. They all float down here…

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20 Responses

  1. The Muppet Fan says:

    Holy crap! I just started this video with my volume turned all the way up and I almost got scared half to death when Pennywise showed up on that telephone pole. Did not expect that, and totally should not have had my volume turned all the way up! Well, that certainly woke me up.

  2. Creepy Closet says:

    The book is great but some parts really drag. Especially when Mike recounts conversations with his father that don’t need to really be there

  3. Cheyenne Smith says:

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  4. Max Ponsonby says:

    im sorry, but the bit where the girl has sx with all the boys one after one just after they killed Pennywise seems like the weirdest and creepiest shit I’ve ever heard. am i right?

  5. Hellzyead says:

    skip all the horror adaptations … read the book

  6. JustForFun lolz says:

    The new movie is incredible….the old one will never compare!!!!

  7. Arachnid Badkid says:

    So. Did King not know what platonic love was or was he just super set on writing something arguably more horrific than the rest of the book? Not to mention how having sex at that age can be traumatic in and of itself. And that the father’s abuse may have influenced the girl’s understanding of sex. Like, there’s a lot of layers to this and none of it seems redeemable.

  8. Captain Beefheart says:

    CineFix just referenced Rudy smelting silver in the Monster Squad. *Subscribed*

  9. Blaze - ASAP says:

    The Jew is gonna chop himself up fml

  10. Chris Pitts says:

    What about the bullies? Henry Bowers killing his dad? Patrick Hockstetter being a total sociopath?

  11. Olivia Boyd says:

    As movie reviewers, it’s sad to see you shit on the “silly montages” in the original IT movie. They have significance in the visual storytelling, to give contrast to the unsettling atmosphere of the town itself. The original is STILL effectively disturbing and terrifying without having to relay on loud noises and cheap jump scares.

  12. TyKing DaGAWD says:

    Top Clowns not in order

    8.Batman Arkham Joker
    7. The Joker from batman animated
    6.Doink the clown from WCW
    5. Krusty the clown
    4. Jack Nicolas Joker
    3. Penny Wise
    2. The Joker Heath Legend
    1. Ronald McDonald

  13. Animé Nerd :P says:

    At least Georgie is floating too

  14. sob nigga Jsplitta says:

    honestly the new version looks scarier i watched it last night

  15. Clark Wayne says:

    11.22.63 is like 600 pages, gets 8 hours miniseries. it contains 1300 pages or so, gets like, what, 4 hours total? dunno man…dunno

  16. Josue Carnero says:

    Wait so penny wise the clown is an alien?

  17. Asome3333e1 Gamr says:

    ronald McDonald killed more people than it.

  18. the wwe king says:

    Really you have all the time to do IT and Bladerunner but no time to do Jurassic Park the lost world

  19. TimeForChange England says:


  20. TommyT067 says:

    is that Chinese lade from the dinner scene the same one from happy gilmore?

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