Stephen Makes A Change To Trump’s ‘Trans Ban’ Tweet

Stephen Makes A Change To Trump’s ‘Trans Ban’ Tweet

Stephen makes a correction to the last two words of the President’s three-part Twitter announcement banning transgender Americans from the military.

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20 Responses

  1. Jeff Lock says:

    Thank you?….FUCK YOU!!
    Stephen Colbert, Top 10 quotes of 2017

  2. Get Rekt says:

    If an orangutan can become president I’m not sure what’s so crazy about trans people in the military.

  3. Jace Solomon says:

    trumo is just a racist ,homophobic, sexist piece of shit. Honestly anyone who supports him is either living under a rock or is also a racist piece of shit.

  4. youngleo_95 says:

    A draft dodging bitch now deciding who can and cannot defend our country. smh

  5. Michiru Sato says:

    I’m a Japanese
    Japan is way behind on issues of the rights of lgbtq people
    as a Japanese I always expected a country like USA to lead the whole world on such issues
    but now I don’t see your country the way I used to anymore

  6. Rachel Trainor says:

    Every day I think: I don’t think I have the capacity to feel any more hate for one person.

    Then every day Trump proves me wrong.

  7. Richard Willford says:

    I don’t understand how people this late in the game still don’t understand: THIS IS A DIVERSION.
    The repeal and replace fiasco (and the constantly evolving Russia investigation) needs to be overshadowed by something. Banning transgenders is the typical Trump diversion. It’s designed to piss people off and “shock” them, take your little minds away from the real stuff. It probably won’t happen anyway.

  8. James Irving says:

    Just another SLAP IN THE FACE to US Soldiers and Veterans by the SNIVELING COWARD in the White House…Who REFUSED to fight in Nam when called upon…

  9. Emmanuel Fernandes says:

    I was on the fence until Stephen brought up the whole cost thing. So some old dude’s dick getting hard is more important than trans people???

  10. Havoc Octavian Teslasmith says:

    First, he came for the Mexicans and we did not stop him.
    Then he came for the Muslims and we did not stop him.
    Then he came for the journalists and we did not stop him.
    Then he came for transgender people and we did not stop him.
    Did we learn nothing from Martin Niemöller?

  11. Corrie Mathiowetz says:

    Healthcare for transgender in US military is between $2.4 & $8.4…yet the military spends 5x as much on viagra…what the hell, we’re paying for Viagra?? when did we start shooting the ‘enemy’ with sperm?

  12. Megan Fox says:

    I have never seen a more sincerely delivered fuck you on television. That was wonderfully satisfying to watch.

  13. Lopez Arriaga says:

    He is a coward, thats why he dodge the draft and thats why he told 15000 soldiers they couldnt serve over tweeter. He doesnt have the peanuts to show his face.

  14. Steve Valk says:

    Donald Trump I voted for you, but you have been a big disappointment. Why does it
    cost the tax payers $ 3.6 million every time you go and play golf at Maralogo?
    Where is the wall? Where is my health care? Where are my tax cuts? Where is
    that infrastructure? Why are you still making your products in other countries?
    Your administration is a Mess. YOU SHOULD STEP DOWN

  15. Alex Hutcheson says:

    “After consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow *{women}* to serve in any capacity in the US military. Out military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that *{women}* in the military would entail.”

    -someone from the 1800’s, probably

    Your president is an absolute embarrassment to humanity

  16. John Bidochka says:

    Chump’s tweet is not only non-factual, but is an intentional distraction from the Russian investigation.

  17. Hex Isme says:

    He should talk to “his generals” about not allowing draft dodgers to be president.

  18. Asher William says:

    Those boos make my angry trans heart so happy. THANK YOU

  19. adrian jubb says:

    Another lie as the military said they were not consulted. This President is nothing but a lying scumbag.

  20. Mr.Wonderful says:

    I don’t care if your gay,lesbian, or transgender as long as you’re willing to to join the army and risk your own life to protect others you are always fine in my book.

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