Stephen Pulls A ‘Rachel Maddow’

Stephen Pulls A ‘Rachel Maddow’

The Late Show has acquired a long-awaited joke that has Americans on the edge of their seats. He’s going to share it with the world. Shortly. Keep watching.

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20 Responses

  1. Junior Jr says:

    Ahahahahah Stephen Colbert you are a fucking legend ?????

  2. William Foy says:

    A lot of people mock Rachel for her lengthy build up, but it really provides valuable background information

  3. That1 Amiibo Hoarder says:

    President Trump signs executive order #2000000000 making it a crime to be called Stephen Colbert.

    Colbert legally changes his name to Stephen Trumpsapussy Colbert to spite him.

  4. Nurul Aniza Zainudin says:

    Stephen is the KING!!!

  5. Frank Jay says:

    How bad is Rachel Maddow when even liberals are hitting her lame anti-Trump reporting? BTW, Stephen plays her pretty good, I laughed my ass off…

  6. e.g John says:

    Rachel Maddow is a legend. She is the only reason why msnbc is not fake news

  7. thenormalstate says:

    As a huge fan of Rachel Maddow I have to say this was hysterical ? That tax return segment was pretty thin and repetitive. Hope more people give her the benefit of the doubt and tune in for future episodes. She’s been covering the Russia scandal and the resistance movement in depth (yes, in her quirky, circular, dramatic way), and honestly her reporting gives me a lot of hope that justice is still possible when it comes to this administration.

  8. Madhatter says:

    I love Rachel Maddow and I love you

  9. Rick Niu says:

    So.. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Cause Trump deported it.

  10. Pragya Mishra says:

    This is Maddow’s whole shtick, it’s all about the pageantry and speculation. Like O Reilly. But she says stuff us liberals want to hear, so we give her a pass. (And I say this as someone who really enjoys Maddow.)

    I get her appeal, but please don’t call her an “investigative journalist.” She is great at what she does, which is discourse.

    (btw it was disingenuous to tweet “we have trump tax returns” when it was actually held by a non-MSNBC journalist.)

    And no, I am not a Trump fan or a Republican. I am a liberal and Hillary supporter.

  11. The Mack Miley says:

    Maddow is an entertainer.. corporate news is designed to entertain and distract with access based pandering. Not sure why anyone was surprised since Trump leaked the returns himself.

  12. DavidAWA says:

    this is really specific satire. I’m a liberal, so I’m sad to say. Stephen is spot on here.

  13. xxxdeathxxxx1 says:

    People who follow Rachel Maddow is a joke

  14. sphinx onyx says:

    Rachel + Stephen is exactly what I want my husband to be ?????

  15. MeshMN says:

    I can definitely see the humor here but make no mistake, Rachel Maddow is a relentless reporter that digs deep into the facts and provides an invaluable insight and thought-provoking detail helping connect dots that many would not connect on their own into what many may not see from 5 minute soundbites from say Fox or CNN. She is an indispensable investigative journalist in a time where our President considers all media outlets ‘the enemy’. I get the joke Stephen, but give credit where credit is due.

  16. Anthony DeAngelo says:

    Rachel Re-Tweeted this so she must find it hilarious too LOL

  17. Jayde Rice says:

    I love Rachel Maddow, but holy crap this was amazing. This was a spot on impersonation of her. Stephen Colbert as Rachel Maddow needs to be a recurring character of his…

  18. Ladygothii12 says:

    they actually got a chicken. …

  19. Daniel harvey The chocolate kyle kulinski says:

    Stephen is absolutely comical!!! he even looks like her

  20. CaptainOvious123 says:

    This is vintage Colbert lmao

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