Stephen Puts The Christ Back In C(hrist)offee

Stephen Puts The Christ Back In C(hrist)offee

Starbucks wants to de-Christmas the holiday season with its bland red and green cups? Not on Stephen’s watch.

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20 Responses

  1. Toren Pedersen says:

    Paul Blart: Mall Bro ???

  2. sssssssev says:

    When I heard about a red cup incident at Starbucks, first thought was if it
    was because they were promoting Christmas with having a read cup. How
    absolutely naive of me to think that was the world we live in. Isn’t it
    Christmas-y enough that the company makes a color-transit to the (now)
    universal color of Christmas during the season? American christians tend to
    be so ridiculously hung up on having their religion rule the country that
    they can’t focus on issues that actually matter.

  3. BrutalMind1984 says:

    Always flashing those devil horns and 666 hand gestures..

  4. Emmanuel Gonzalez says:

    Guess what….you throw away your cup without a second thought so who gives
    a crap really

  5. strensk says:

    While I don’t give a fig about any of this, except that is all I am
    freaking hearing about, are the people laughing at this high or drunk cause
    I’m still waiting for the comedy.

    One guy and a few idjits complain about something and that is “viral” news?
    Slow news cycle, or the government must be getting ready to do something
    really dumb.

  6. William Edward says:

    The best part is, since Christmas started as a pagan holiday, one could
    argue that switching to plain red cups actually makes them MORE Christian,
    not less.
    I’m a Christian myself, and I don’t care either way. In fact, I didn’t even
    notice the switch until I watched this video. But it’s nice to imagine how
    the whining 1% would react if I told them that.

  7. soenekken says:

    i’m an atheist, i’ve never been a christian and never had any family member
    who weren’t atheists, and yet we love christmas and it bothers me when
    people assume only chistians care about this holiday. and starbucks, we’ll
    i never felt anything but the need to vomit, after their coffees

  8. blafuckyou says:

    Hey look starbucks just did a huge ad campaign and y’all motherfuckers are
    too dumb to even realize

  9. Mr Buns of fun says:

    its a cup. y u hef 2 b so med?

  10. Ringo Brat says:

    good God! I did not see that coming. hahaha!

  11. darkgallade11 says:

    Stephen is a savage, he has no chill

  12. Dave Turner says:

    Clever marketing tbh, it wouldn’t surprise me if starbucks had planted
    those ‘angered’ christians. It makes it appear like starbucks is a victim
    to this exaggerated ‘outrage’. It Cleverly makes every sane person agree
    with them ‘its just a cup’, and emotionally ties you to emphasise with the

    I don’t buy it starbucks, go back to your tax dodging ways ;)

  13. Willex says:


  14. Thejugglingbum says:

    “Paul Blart Mall Bro” /rekt

  15. Bill Gaffey says:

    Yet another reason why religion has NO place in modern society.

  16. bballjulien says:


  17. Xiaochen Li says:

    Starbucks is obviously just trying to save a few cents on the cup by
    simplifying the pattern.

  18. Robert Jenkins says:

    I’m not religious, but it is kind of lame how they just made it solid red.
    I mean, if you’re going to make changes to the cup design, you might as
    well go all out and put some pictures or patterns on it – some secular
    Christmas symbol like a snowman or reindeer or Santa couldn’t offend
    anyone, right?

  19. Nixionhighz says:

    I wish the only problem had in life is wondering why my Starbucks coffee
    doesn’t say merry Christmas, sadly I’m not that lucky.

  20. Jack194343 says:

    Red, isn’t that the color of the Republican Party? How much more Christian
    get Starbucks get?