Stephen Reaches Out To President Obama Via Microwave

Stephen Reaches Out To President Obama Via Microwave

Stephen takes a moment during his monologue to demonstrate how the 44th President of the United States is now as accessible as a Totino’s Pizza Roll.

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20 Responses

  1. shrug emoji a last name says:

    I finally know why I woke up randomly at this time

  2. Jason Blade says:

    Obviously no proofs of wiretapping provided. Trumptards, how you will defend this shit show?

  3. Jason Blade says:

    Paul Ryan has to be one of the most vile human being on the planet

  4. Ecto says:

    “24 million will lose coverage”

    I can hear Ryan’s erections

  5. Steve Haigh says:

    i’d like to know why the 3 million people who voted illegally aren’t in jail yet. obviously obama is behind it.

  6. Ry Sun says:

    I put tinfoil in my microwave to stop the spying but somehow I get a lot of sparks and fire.

  7. Helena Wang says:

    I love how he’s still referring to Obama as “President Obama”
    edit: referring to previous Prime Minister’s as “Prime Minister” is not as commonly used in Australia

  8. kuroholic says:

    i love the way stephen add little descriptions to people

  9. fidorover says:

    “And I’m proud to announce that my first big act after leaving the White House will be screening my film at Cannes in May. Ya see, I made the entire movie from footage I obtained by personally rigging Trump’s microwave to be a camera. The title of the flick is _Micro Hands and the Microwave: The Sad Saga of Donald Trump Heating Up Snacks at __3:00__ am_”
    — President Barack Obama

  10. Man Bearpig says:

    Holy fuck, it’s really spiralling out of control over there. What the fuck happened to the US

  11. Brian McInnis says:

    You cannot touch a just heated Hot Pocket!

  12. edwardvondoom says:

    This is why I always make food in the nude.

  13. Captain Obvious says:

    That microwave Tv camera was fucking priceless. The camera man was just standing there like it wasn’t a microwave. Like dude…..what.

  14. Syed Ahmed Jilanee says:

    who the hell is Paul Ryan

  15. Angel Rodarte Jr. says:

    Ryan suggests people won’t be worse off with new healthcare initiative, despite the CBO stating otherwise.
    Spicer suggests Trump’s accusations shouldn’t be taken seriously, despite just a week ago implying the contrary.
    Conway tries to distract us again by saying something outlandish to grab media time away from Trump scandals.

    How stupid do these people think we are?

  16. Maicon Berté says:

    Microwaves turned into cameras…?!…. America, how low have you come?

  17. Joe Smo says:

    I cant believe they have Kellyanne Conman on TV still. She gets turned into a meme every time she appears or speaks.

  18. rubikfan1 says:

    many of these kinds of shows make me glad i live in the netherlands.
    where 90% of the poloticions are normal acting people. and are not yet corrupt and slaves of the big multinationals.

  19. Kevin Prasad says:

    “Where is the evidence that Obama tapped Trump tower?”
    Kellyanne Conway “all I’m saying is that there are known knowns… and known unknowns… but there are also unknown unknowns… the absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence”

  20. jim spotswood says:

    Trump is a bag of loose skin filled with garbage, bull manure, KFC, McDonald’s french fries, and crumpled up dollar bills soaked in Russian whore piss.

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