Stephen Recreates Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Fun With Words’

Stephen Recreates Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Fun With Words’

Kellyanne Conway went from White House advisor to Stephen’s muse after she broke out some ridiculously nonsensical visual aids on Fox News.

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20 Responses

  1. New Message says:

    No pictures? Trump already flipped to Reading Rainbow.

  2. Josie Englin says:

    Haha! Satan’s *Crazy* Trophy Wife.

  3. Alexander Jones says:

    Colbert is amazing now, at least we have someone profiting off of trumps stupidity!

  4. zach miller says:

    Is that how kellyanne explains everything to donald? I mean like..
    putin- Good
    hillary- crooked
    russia- Tremendous
    Mexico- Bad hombre
    Now repeat after me okay?

  5. Why you gotta go there says:

    Usually I have a lot more to say, but today i only have one small question.

    Do you guys think Kellyanne misses her soul?

  6. Tweety Tweety says:

    I guess the guy who designed the website must be taking classes from Betsy Devos.

  7. Cloudy1127 says:

    Dear Late Show youtube people, you probably already know this, but you are losing views because people upload the entire monologue before you, getting away with it by zooming in pretty much. Instead of fighting this, maybe just upload the entire monologue yourselves? Even better, the whole show. No reason not to, just add a few commercial breaks.

  8. KingOfMadCows says:

    Trying to rhyme
    won’t prevent that slime
    from serving time
    for his crime.

  9. DRH1405 says:

    Number One Rule to avoid being a Meme:


  10. W.D.K. Podcast says:

    The only way anyone can like Kellyanne Conway is by watching SNL

  11. Just Me says:

    Welcome to the shit show that is America

  12. Kyle Edwards says:

    Kellyanne conartist-way looks like she’s fucking decomposing

  13. Eric Salinas says:

    its funny kellyanne says collusion no we don’t have that yet. yet lol

  14. Yo Soy Bob Oso says:

    When Trump grabs his own dick his hands finally look big.

  15. INDIVIDUAL says:

    Kellyanne has a CONTUSION which has caused the bitches CONFUSION about the state of affairs of our UNION.  She needs a truth TRANSFUSION, to excrete her shit PROFUSION.  She’s a lying, deflecting INTRUSION. That’s the country’s CONCLUSION.

  16. BdR76 says:

    2:55 Wow, an attack ad against the *Central Statistics Office*!? Actually it makes sense; it’s part of the Trump administration’s *WAR ON FACTS*

  17. ghafoor ahmed says:

    did she say we don’t have collusion yet? Or was it nyet working on her Russian maybe….

  18. Eric Ling says:

    Question to Republicans, are you proud that your own representatives think you’re too stupid to understand things without visual aids?

  19. c3dk says:

    REMEMER good Americans, we in Europe support you, BUT not Trump and his supporters !!

  20. Anti says:

    My god. This is an actual WHITE HOUSE spokesperson. Oh America, how far you have fallen.

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