Stephen Speaks Out Against Diplomatic Bullying

Stephen Speaks Out Against Diplomatic Bullying

After China reprimanded its citizens for fat-shaming the leader of North Korea, Stephen has concerns about other heads of state who might be victimized.

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20 Responses

  1. YUMHardyABC Gaming says:

    Oh no! He said we made it to Friday last night! That means he must’ve known
    we were going to make it to Friday! Holy shit Stephen, I knew you had said
    you have weird magical powers on multiple occasions, but I never believed
    you until now!

  2. Tami Lou says:

    Ha ha!!! the comedians are having a field day with this Trump
    presidency…i think they secretly wanted him to win…

  3. P.J. Sidhu says:

    So Trump had about 3,500 lawsuits filed against him? He settled many of
    them also, which imply some sort of guilt doesn’t it?

  4. Rakan Samain says:

    she lost, cause she was a fricking horrible candidate, 9% of democrats
    voted for trump… that says a lot.
    anyway i voted jill. can’t stand Hillary,

  5. Guitar Whores says:

    This is bullshit. I think Trump is one of the biggest pieces of shit in
    American history, but I need my New Balance shoes. They make a wide/flat
    that keeps my back from hurting. I’m not racist, I just don’t like middle
    back pain.

  6. Kyle Vernon says:

    the mainstream media is fake news. 91% of the medias coverage of Trump was
    negative. the other 9% of it was neutral or positive. The mainstream media
    is just blaming other people like facebook fake news. No, fake news did not
    effect this election.

  7. Usnato4evr says:

    You’re not funny anymore Stephen.

  8. Teacher Role Play Guy Teach It, Bro! says:

    Wow. How sad. He’s still trying to get attention with Trump. It’s like
    watching a little kid

  9. Kelly Swanston says:

    Wow, fucking amazing. Liberals really don’t know how to lose. They’re still
    trying to find a way to seem like they are right.

  10. Yon Yonson says:

    Ok Stephen so you’re not going to talk about the Trump supporter who was
    beaten at a traffic light right? No, no of course you wont.

  11. Joseph & Kimberly Woodard says:

    Didn’t Stephen have a fake news show for a few years? I mean, we all know
    how honest CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews are! Right along with you and the rest
    of these news agencies who only report leftist stories, or only pump out
    half truths to ensure everyone leans how they want.

  12. Christian says:

    still biased even after the election it seems

  13. metalshredmetal1 says:

    OF COURSE trump supporters can’t tell the difference between real news and
    fake news…

  14. Thomas Jefferson says:

    So a man that is worth over 4 billion doesn’t know basic economics?

  15. dribrom says:

    Every one that gets there news form Facebook is utterly stupid.

  16. Andre Dominguez says:

    Gotta love Stephen Colbert. This dudes awesome! Love ur show man

  17. KONAROCK1 says:

    There was certainly a lot of Pro Trump fake news… but there was FAR more
    Pro Hillary fake News. ..and much of the Pro Hillary fake news came
    directly from “the Real News” on Mainstream Media.
    That’s a mathematical fact. ..and I supported neither of them.

  18. TheLostBegotten says:

    would like to make an announcement…
    a new record has been broken…
    this has somehow exceeded adolph hitler, stalin, and lindsay lohan,
    i would like to thank you all for your participation.
    this concludes this formal announcement

  19. Ray Menendez says:

    kiss my ass Stephen, wait tell all the shit comes out what Obama has done
    to the American county and people in the next year or two. maybe you
    will quit your night job and move to Canada. but you wont, somehow someway
    you will justify what he has done. you little weasel.

  20. David Harrison says:

    Only 2 more months of freedom until making fun of Trump’s hair gets you
    sent to the gulag.