Stephen Stars As Donald Trump Jr. In ‘Collusion’

Stephen Stars As Donald Trump Jr. In ‘Collusion’

Featuring Stephen Colbert as Donald Trump Jr., Stephen Colbert as Paul Manafort and Stephen Colbert as Jared Kushner.

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20 Responses

  1. charblie charbloo says:

    Can we please impeach.. like most of the govt?

  2. Annie parker says:

    Well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Daddy isn’t really bright and neither he has control over his mouth, same goes for son.

  3. KingCobra says:

    How is this orange clown Trump still not in jail???

  4. arjun gupta says:

    Gosh this past week has been absolutely excruciating without Stephen ♥️

  5. BdR76 says:

    3:52 And Natalia Veselnitskaya also answers to her Austin Powers name; *Ivana Colludalot* 😛

  6. fidorover says:

    “And unbeknownst to Don Jr., it was that fateful Sunday in July when he had committed the unforgivable Trump family sin of getting caught. His father all but shunned him, banishing his eldest son to the kids table at that year’s Thanksgiving dinner. And there he sat — in a cartoonishly tiny chair betwixt Barron and Sean Spicer — mocked mercilessly from the adults table by the likes of Ivanka, Tiffany and Eric. _Yes, even Eric_. Then, desperate to drown his sorrows in a savory turkey accoutrement, Don Jr. asked Sean Spicer to pass the gravy, to which Sean instinctively replied, “There’s no evidence of gravy; we believe the turkey speaks for itself.” Surely, as a person of reason, you might conclude that it could not possibly get any worse for Don Jr. That is, if you were willing to overlook the inevitable 8-10 year stint at Danbury.”
    — _All The President’s Men 2.0_, Simon & Schuster, 2021

  7. Arya Stark says:

    A girl is unhappy that the Russian meet list is longer than hers

  8. zach miller says:

    Now, before Trumptards start blaming this on the msm, clinton or obama, these are donnie junior’s own words.

  9. That Cathedral Guy says:

    where would the world be without Stephen Colbert? Can’t imagine it without him

  10. jagrup hundal says:

    Donald Trump jr.’s top floor is empty just like his papa.

  11. Ashton Carmichael says:

    Eat shit and die junior.

  12. smittyd4801 says:

    tick tock tick tock tick tock, the Trump crime family is going down.

  13. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Donald Trump Jr. is the Diet Coke version of Donald Trump.

  14. De Libertatem says:

    Stephen don’t u ever leave us again!!!

  15. AdventureTimeFan94 says:

    Stephen Colbert 2020 anyone?

  16. Matt Soper says:

    The stories get weirder and dumber every day.

  17. New Message says:

    So the defense for allegations of collusion is the same as a pedo saying he was innocent because the kids wouldn’t get into the van.

  18. TheRainySky says:

    im still in disbelief how all these stories can keep on and on happening and trump stays in office

  19. DPowered Smith says:

    Trevor Noah: “baby baby you don’t understand, i only met with that other woman because i thought she wanted to f*** turns out she only wanted me to meet jesus so how you gon call me a cheater”
    thats such a beautiful metaphor for how Trump Jr responded to the situation XD

  20. Trump The Fraud says:

    I’m a joke as a fucking President. I played all my brainwashed supporters, they believe everything I say. They like my Orange Penis in their mouths

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