Stephen Works Out With Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Stephen Works Out With Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg invited Stephen to Washington, D.C., to settle the case of “Do you even lift?”

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95 Responses

  1. Eduardo Armenta says:

    She rocks…. I wish to be that cool at that age.

  2. The Bench says:

    This mofo has a tie and shorts on ?

  3. Jeremy Toh says:

    Stephen forgot to bring his Abs cutout.

  4. Nicole Song says:

    I needed this…shes so cute

  5. Bigolddragon says:

    That was weirdly entertaining!

    i like being made uncomfortable.

  6. Chasing Autumns says:

    She has amazing skin for 85!

    • Bear Arms says:

      You guys are major weirdos. Complimenting bone structure, DNA and skin is more appropriate when talking about a show dog, not Supreme Court justice.

    • Jordana Madison says:

      Bear Arms Hey Bear Arms, you look nice today.

      Appreciating someone’s physical appearance does not invalidate their accomplishments in life. RBG has taken excellent care of herself. She has beaten cancer twice. She has been an inspiration to many, women and men alike. But she is still a human being, and probably still enjoys a compliment every once and a while. She’s a Justice, not a robot.

      (And something tells me this might be a little more to do with her stance on the second amendment than just thinking we are weird.)

    • Jordana Madison says:

      Bear Arms plus, this video was obviously made for comedy. So forgive us for enjoying seeing a more natural side to the “Diva”.

    • Martin Rotvig says:

      Jordana Madison not contradictions, but really just three different possibilities. The bottom line is still, who the fuck care?

      She’s a judge not miss America!

    • Bear Arms says:

      Jordana Madison, if some random anonymous comes up to me and says I have an excellent facial bone structure and he likes my skin, not sure I would take it as a compliment, but I _would_ think about calling FBI.

  7. Dan Zhou says:

    RBG got heart. All heart.

  8. amgarel says:

    “I would never, never exercise to that noise” lol

    • Anonymous Reviewer says:

      If she ever manages to listens to what I call workout music….. I’m inclined to believe that she would sentence me to death.

    • Ava Ttoir says:

      The opera music they DID end up exercising to was the overture to Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, widely considered the most perfect overture to any opera (Tho IMO the most perfect opera overture is the one in Verdi’s Falstaff.). The first act of Figaro opens with kind of an exercise routine: Figaro measuring off the dimensions of the bridal suite being constructed to house he and his intended after their nuptials..
      I’ve actually heard a “Marriage in the Park” rap adaptation of the opera, complete with beat box. It was pretty good! But it’s harder to make out the words with all that rhythmic noise.

  9. Ani Bell says:

    She may be slow physically, but she definitely worked that ‘Is a hotdog a sandwich?’ question. Here’s to RBG sticking around for several more years.

    • Joseph Galamba says:

      I bet the part of her brain that does that kind of logical reasoning has stayed sharp. It’s like pianists who are totally demented and can still play the entire WTC, the pathway in the brain can take a beating and still work when it’s that strong.

    • becky selfridge says:

      such a simple task, yet it proves shes wrapped tighter in her head than the presidunce

    • becky selfridge says:

      thats bc the part of your brain that controls “second nature” behaviors (driving a car, riding a bike, pro piano playing …) is in a separate location than the frontal lobe, which goes first in dementia. i do believe her work and logic is second nature behavior for her, and that is why she is so sharp mentally. also, pretty sure id be huffing and puffing if i worked out with her! they say exercise extends your life!

    • Sean Coker says:

      becky selfridge idk i think she just has a reserved personality (I think I’ve read that some where before) but she comes alive when it comes to logic and analysis. Like that one kid who’s shy until you bring up their favorite game.

    • berlindude75 says:

      Let’s hope she’ll outlive this presidency. You don’t want her replacement be appointed by the Toddler-in-Chief.

  10. Ronnie Mathews says:

    Feeling the Gins-burn

  11. Elizabeth Varda says:

    Ruth bader Ginsburg is in better shape than me and she is 70 years older than me. ?

    • Johnny Cash says:

      Don’t sell yourself short. If you pay attention she’s not doing very much. You are at least as good of shape as she’s in. Mentally? Not a chance in hell.

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang says:

      honey, she works and pay the price. so if you do too, whoever said you cannot be more a babe than she is?

    • Bear Arms says:

      Elizabeth Varda, you’d have to be physically disabled to be worse than her.
      She’s purposefully not doing anything other than getting the blood flowing. You shouldn’t even try getting into shape when you’re 80, otherwise you’ll simply kill your body faster.

  12. William Ng says:

    that “Are you juicing?” then WTF look on her face priceless

  13. Aditya Tiwari says:

    Damn wtf the ACTUAL RBG agreed to be on the show?

  14. 로라 says:

    Wait she looks too young to be 85!?

    • RayRae 559 says:

      Yr sarcasm is appealing.

    • Sophia N says:

      Money is amazing.

    • Eluminary Xarrais says:

      Studies have shown you largely stop aging after you reach 70 ish so if you can manage to get to 70 in good shape you’ll typically go on for a long time, it’s just most people don’t get there in that good of shape.

    • Joseph Galamba says:

      Yeah. Her posture and speech show her age, but her face is remarkably young and her mind is still sharp. Actually, considering how much she’s hunched over, she is amazingly physically agile as well. Her core strength is literally mind-blowing for an octogenarian with osteoporosis and a desk job!

    • JackStrait says:

      She definitely looks her age.

  15. ROFLgator says:

    Ginsburg is 85 working that bench and people say that Bernie is too old to be President. Pfffffffft

    • Unlocked says:

      Bear Arms I have ideals and beliefs. I’ll support him over a Republican, but I refuse to support someone just because they’re popular. If he can prove that he actually gives a fuck about more than his self-inflating “revolution,” fine, but he hasn’t shown any evidence of that, and I refuse to become a sheep.

      You’re also talking about the person who actively divided the party by not conceding the primary after it was mathematically impossible for him to win.

    • Unlocked says:

      Bear Arms Also, Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat. He’s only become one in order to enter the Democratic primary, which he then lost and his supporters threw a fit over. Then he left the party. He exploits the party for his own popularity.

    • vladimir cruz says:

      Unlocked and Hispanics!! And Blacks….and a looottttttt of women.. #Sandernista

    • vladimir cruz says:

      Unlocked I hope he runs third party… DemocRATS will never learn… we are #19 on the happiest Countries behind countries that have currently do everything Sanders wants.

    • Jatett says:

      snozbaries the DNC is not floating anyone. Frankly they are floundering to prove their value added.

      Bernie has proven nothing. He LOST more open primaries than Hillary. He lost more swing states. Candidates with views akin to his have lost their races. He’s neither proven he nor his ideas have electoral success. It doesn’t mean they can’t, it just means they haven’t done anything.

      And for all the bias the DNC did have in 2016, none of it actually mattered. Votes weren’t rigged. Bernie lost by huge margins all across the country because his campaign was lackluster. People can blame it on whatever fits their narrative, but more debates (which btw, Bernie avoided having with omalley one on one) wouldn’t have caused Bernie to win Ohio. He lost it by like 12.

      Votes weren’t rigged. If any thing the number of caucuses, which have immensely low turnout, benefitted him greatly and kept him as competitive as it did. In terms of the actual votes, I think he lost 60-40 overall.

      And he is pretty one dimensional. I like the idea of single payer, but he refuses to go out and popularize the public opinion that “yes your taxes will go up by a good chunk, but you’ll save money”. He tries to slip around that fact that to fund a single payer system taxes would go up. And he ignores that countries with single payer or public /private co-ops do have costsharing.

      He once answered a question about Afghanistan by vaguely talking about how the king of Jordan was a hero.

  16. chinookvalley says:

    I am inspired. I’m in my 60’s and the DIVA has me beat! Hardcore! Love it!!! Stephen, those are some nice legs!

  17. Aaron Czubak says:

    More like Ruth Bader GAINSburg

  18. Alex says:

    She looks like people’s bullshit literally compressed her over time. She used to be 5’10”.
    Somehow, she’s still dealing with it everyday. When she dies, she might turn into an actual diamond from all the pressure she had to deal with in her career also from being a woman Justice. Gods bless her.

    • Freeride Forever says:

      Get off the internet and go the fuck back to school.

    • Aevi Wright says:

      How are idiots that have no sense of humor or understanding of English even at this video? Go back to your instruction books for dummies and 10lb+ bags of candy and leave the net in peace foul normies!

    • Bear Arms says:

      Aevi Wright, this is the lowest form of entertainment, it doesn’t require any mental strain whatsoever on the part of the viewer.
      That’s why it’s so popular, and that’s why it’s watched by people who think that idiots are the ones who read instructional books instead of watching mindless entertainment.

    • Aevi Wright says:

      Slapstick is the lowest form of comedy actually and animal fighting the lowest form of entertainment. Some of the jokes in late night shows are actually layered and require a think to get. And the Instruction books for dummies are not exactly entertainment I was saying the dull and humorless should at least go back to trying to learn a usefull skill instead of opening their mouths and spewing your guts for the world to see your level of thought and character.

    • Cindy Meadows says:


  19. Crepe'in Around W/ Zack june says:

    watching her get straight to business on picking apart the definition of a sandwich was too good

    • elijah mikle says:

      Crepe’in Around W/ Zack june It was a good way show case her thinking ability. I would say she is sharp as a tac.

  20. bren106 says:

    Tempted to thumbs down this because she did better than I would have done on that workout.

    • ErykaSoleil says:

      Right? I thought it was great, but I feel reeeeeaaaaally out of shape now.

    • Maryanne Slater says:

      I know. Her core strength is awesome. And her knees are much better than mine. I’m going to copy some of her moves now.

    • Bear Arms says:

      Are you serious or is it some weird attempt at making a compliment? What exactly couldn’t you have done in that workout??
      She didn’t actually do anything other than move around a bit – which is the sort of workout a 80 year old would need.

    • elijah mikle says:

      Bear Arms Well from what I can tell it’s still way more than anyone one else. Most people just sit around and eat and watch shit like this.

    • Bear Arms says:

      elijah mikle, its not about what people do, its about what people _can_ do. If you can’t lift your legs and arms there are serious problems with your health, no amount of sitting around can do that to you.

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