Stephen’s Interview Of Hannity’s Interview Of Trump

Stephen’s Interview Of Hannity’s Interview Of Trump

The Late Show kicks off with a sit down interview in which Stephen asks the President about Harvey Weinstein, Rex Tillerson and the Electoral College.

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20 Responses

  1. Brandi h says:

    You don’t need to manipulate footage to make Trump look like an idiot, he does that on his own

  2. Jorge Vegas says:

    Hahaha we got him Frick drumf he’s gonna resign now

  3. Terminator72 says:

    this is just hilarious.

  4. OG LoLo says:

    This is so unfunny. They put no effort into this bullshit video. Stephen Colbert is a fraud.

  5. robert mannon says:

    This guy isn’t funny but I laugh at stupid how stupid he is, lol!

  6. Md Device says:

    I believe this because I want to. I live in a libtard bubble and this makes my reality better,

  7. dev_web says:

    Have some respect for your president. If you don’t like him fine, but don’t be a dick about it.

  8. Harika Mohan says:

    Idiot question: What’s the coat of arms behind Stephen represent? It’s got the American eagle on top. Is it for some branch of the military or American government? Clueless non-American asking here.

  9. dirtbiketours says:


  10. Vegas Life says:

    LMAO! he said tomorrow. A day which has not happened yet.

  11. Tyler B says:

    How is this #9 on trending

  12. Donald Trump says:

    Who loves me more Stephen or Seth?

  13. Stacey Piper says:

    without the Hannity fellatio, its a little… flat

  14. Ryan Jasman says:

    I actually thought this was funny but the end ruined it. These Late Show hosts are ruining comedy.

  15. Ricky Ray Hernandez says:

    Fuck this. Lol funny, but fuck this.
    Just a big o’ social programming project destined to fail. May God have Mercy on us all.

  16. Son Goku says:

    The worst American president in history

  17. demonicwiccan666 says:

    Listen you dump dick suckers! I know that you love taking it up the ass from your furher Donald Dump but let me tell you some FACTS that your gay lover won’t tell you of how much he doesn’t give a FUCK about your miserable fucking life! Donald dump is going to lower taxes for the corporations which is “trickle down” economics which from history we have seen leads to recessions and depressions where YOU and ME will lose our fucking jobs morons! He will raise taxes on the middle class and the poor you fucking morons! If you think that dump is going to lower middle class and poor taxes than you’re as fucking stupid as he fucking is! His healthcare bill wants to make pre-existing conditions a thing that the insurance companies can and will deny you care and you will go bankrupt and die, not to mention making rape and domestic violence legal by saying oh that’s a pre-existing condition too and it will be denied coverage for victims! He is pulling out of this Iran deal and now Iran is looking for a fight which means for you retarded mother fucking dick suckers, it means that WE ARE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE ASSHOLES! Maybe instead of taking it up the ass from you gay lover dump you might actually do your own research and see how much dump could give two fucks about your miserable lives as he fucks you in the ass….but sure I’m just another “liberal” swine huh?

  18. gaogle censors says:

    This was actually funny, unlike a lot of the shit I see on Comedy Central.

  19. Gracieli Ambrósio says:


  20. Numan Naveed says:

    to make you “look” like an idiot? nahhh you don’t need to try that hard for that

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