Stephen’s Monologue Gets Declassified

Stephen’s Monologue Gets Declassified

The good news: Trump is finally telling the truth. The bad news: it’s only to high-ranking Russian officials.

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20 Responses

  1. PfEMP1 says:

    I’m new here, can anyone tell why every single one of his monologues is about Trump? Is that his normal profile? If not, isn’t it boring by now? idk

  2. jehanr says:


  3. A. Stbr says:

    its 9:42am in Germany, this is my breakfast routine

  4. EinsteinOnCrack says:

    Am I the only one tired of hearing the over reaction from the crowd every time Stephen tells a joke? I understand it’s funny, but I would like to listen to him without being interrupted for a good 10 seconds after every joke

  5. Charles Hecker says:

    Colbert is so scared because of his lies.

  6. JCTiggs says:

    “The television ratings will be fantastic, huge, you’ll see. Everyone will want to watch. It will be amazing.” – Donald J Trump when asked about his next reality tv show, ‘The Impeachment’.

  7. KLABNIF says:

    I will give Trump this… Eversince he’s been president, i’ve learned a lot more about how government works. Or rather how it shouldn’t.

  8. Connor McEvoy says:

    Hey Trumps no Nixon! Nixon won the popular vote!

  9. Renuka Dhinakaran says:

    Your monologues are the best start to my day here (in Europe)! Thank you very much, Mr. Colbert.

  10. Livid Imp says:

    Remember when everyone said Trump would become more presidential once he got into office?

  11. Vaibhav Gupta says:

    John Oliver delivers a yet another great monologue.

  12. DX X says:

    HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thatdevilguy says:

    Oh poor Stephen has a cold.

  14. The Philosopher says:

    used to laugh at these jokes, now i only feel sad as i know it is real life and people here and around the world are getting affected by this idiot president behavior.

  15. ani625 says:

    Oh where is the triggered trumptard brigade today?

  16. Panzer Totenkopf says:

    Ted Nugent is no longer a hero of mine . What a TOTAL DOOSH Nugent has turned into .

  17. Parth Vashisht says:

    Somebody, stuff a sock up the piano guy’s mouth, for bullshitting in between.

  18. yash agar says:

    where are these bastard trump supporters now I would love to hear their justification. FUCKING RIGHT WING RETARDS

  19. Joseph McDermott says:

    “Is it missionary? Is it doggy style?” ??? Colbert ain’t scared.

  20. 37Dionysos says:

    Flash to Stephen: Not every joke is worth a standing O. Get your producer’s foot off the “applause” sign button, for chrissake.

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