Stephen’s Next Big Decision

Stephen’s Next Big Decision

Play us a song, you’re the keyboard lad…

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Danielsen says:


  2. Leave It To Peter says:

    So that’s what CBS stands for…

  3. xXLegionX says:

    lol at him sniffing

  4. Paul Castro says:

    Kick oxy!
    Get oxy!

  5. Tim Medic says:

    Oxycotton jokes ohh Stephen!

  6. Jordan Hanke says:

    lol Dianetics

  7. mariusz moniuszko says:

    Colbert ragging on scientology is going to be epic!!

  8. onjoFilms says:

    That carpet is a Kazak. If you want another one Stephen, email me. It’s
    yours big daddy.

  9. steph jordan says:

    Sweet dad jeans 

  10. HngKngPhooey says:

    oh marker sniffing. reminds me of his interview with maurice sendak.

  11. SleeplessArt says:

    I can’t wait for this!

  12. Krilling Machine says:

    Colbert, stop inhaling marker fumes. Stahp. Just stahp.

  13. PartVIII says:

    catchy tune man!!

  14. Johnny Stox says:

    Well – we know for sure he hasn’t hired any comedy writers yet.

  15. Steve Robinson says:

    He and the writers know we want a taste of the ol’ Colbert for this.
    He will make Fallon look like an even bigger ass kissing bitch.
    Just saying..

  16. btbesquire5 says:

    still sniffing markers lol

  17. bobolob says:

    I see things are really coming together! Keep up the good work!

  18. Jacob Hutton says:

    Late Night has a new king 

  19. Brandon Pablo Leon says:

    Can’t wait! I just hope it’s at least similar to the Colbert report so it
    won’t be too geared towards a mainstream audience and hopefully good
    interviews not just a bunch of celebrities like the rest of the shows. 

  20. Geovanni Rosales says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that copy of Dianetics on the desk, there…