Stepping into the Attic for the First Time

Stepping into the Attic for the First Time

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Produced by Dices –
Dee ReeseBeats –

Outro song: Dices – Live Life

Intro created by Teaks:


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42 Responses

  1. sahmoud jany says:

    This is how much people missed lucas

  2. Tostemac says:

    “I just want to know where is my bedsheets!”

    “I don’t know, where did you put it?”

    “MY BED?!”
    I couldn’t even breathe at that point, well done Lucas your videos keep coming out great!

  3. SiaLater says:

    Me: *reads title*
    Also me: *realizes I’ve never set foot in my attic my entire goddamn life*

  4. Amidini Abutaam says:

    I wonder if he intentionally deprives us of such good comedy

  5. Shuep Sahal says:

    Neighbor: there goes lucas yelling at himself again
    neighbors friend: just let him do his thing man
    neighbor: I just feel like throwing myself of the roof he keeps on doing this every DANG MONTH!!

  6. Kelvin Nelson says:

    To y’all who watch Stranger Things:
    Lucas’s attic look like the upside down

  7. Sammael Cottomercado says:

    Lucas: Bro I’m not even eating the sal….

    Lucas: When did I eat this….

  8. Nutaku Otaku says:

    His poor voice it’s been damaged so badly that he had to get a new person

  9. Alisiyab5 says:


  10. Yoovie says:

    I’m playing these games and don’t you get me confused

  11. AngieVi Streamer says:

    “You better watch your mouth!”

    “I WILL DO NOT SUCH THING!” Me when someone eats my food

  12. General Bossinator says:

    “Where did you put it?”
    “My BeD?!”
    That was a good joke.

  13. Noah Second says:

    “Mom I hear the man screaming at himself again”

  14. RJ SO LIT says:

    So nobody going to talk about how his outro makes him look like lil tecca

  15. Mil_ChoTV says:

    Everyone: I hope he uploads

    HardStop Lucas : _I’M NOT PLAYING THESE GAMES_

  16. ً says:

    Ain’t you gonna Collab with CalebCity?

    Like so he sees

  17. Knight Gamer says:

    How many people like hardstop and he deserve 10 million sub

  18. FroggyPlayz says:

    Who else reads these comments and acts like it’s Lucas reading them out loud with his loud voice

  19. Tazzy B says:

    Me: perfectly fine with him playing 33 parts by himself.
    *Sees another actual person in video for first time*

  20. The Masked Ghost Bear says:

    Does anyone know that song?
    Everyone: No I don’t know. Enlighten me.

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