Stereotypes: Softball

Stereotypes: Softball

Softball Stereotypes. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em.
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20 Responses

  1. Dermot Kelly says:

    The show is on my bday!!

  2. Kid Perfect says:

    Where did they
    A) Get the money
    and B) Get the flamethrower?

  3. FEragnell241 says:

    Please tell me you guys changed out the items inside the hole before Ty set
    things on fire…

    If you guys really went ahead to burn all of Cody’s stuff this is ultimate
    cringe-worthy >.<

  4. Данила Киселев says:

    Кто русский лайк!!

  5. Aedan Xiong says:

    That is what i do with my orange

  6. LOL:FLAM :XD says:

    name music??

  7. The Good Samaritan says:


  8. JDevilGAmer DRjuciyfruit says:

    Would watch if I was in USA

  9. Liam MacKinnon says:

    tye if my favorite dude perfect person

  10. Carmelo Seymour says:

    I like your video’s

  11. Jxlian says:

    #PrayforBelgium …

  12. prawblematic says:

    i got it

  13. Gonzalo Sánchez Mantero says:

    im from spain and I cant see the tv show ;(

  14. Emilis Baltrimavicius says:

    rage monster is best!

  15. Candace Burkes says:

    My favorite sterotypes video by far haha

  16. Alexander De La Cruz says:

    what is the chanel

  17. D3AD RAVEN says:

    5:32 I’ve been waiting for that the whole video XD

  18. TheStormDragon says:

    Is the show going to be on Netflix?

  19. Phil Van Swol says:

    You should do soccer stereotypes

  20. JaseClapper Clapper says:

    is that realm fire??????????????