Sterling K Brown – 2017 Emmys – Full Backstage Speech

Sterling K Brown – 2017 Emmys – Full Backstage Speech

Sterling K Brown was played off mid-speech at the 2017 Emmys and got the opportunity to finish his thank-you’s backstage in the Emmy’s press center.

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20 Responses

  1. IshaScene says:

    so beautiful! can’t believe they cut him off.

  2. MarioLover23 says:

    530 views and is already on trending?

  3. Ness says:

    526 views and trending…. why??

  4. Nabihan Rahman says:

    530 views and trending? Dafuq

  5. Joe Mama says:

    Trending? More like Pending on what really actually IS Trending, am I right?!

    yeah, that was a bad joke…

  6. Mialoop2 says:


  7. Simon when he fell On his face says:

    Please go ahead and copyright strike this stupid shit

  8. Simon when he fell On his face says:

    I hope youtube can become the new my space soon

  9. Classic 1800s Fashion Missed the old days says:

    978 views and its trending #9

    YouTube for you

  10. asphyxiafeeling says:

    fake news being fake boosted

  11. ANTHONY FANTANO'S dad says:

    How the duck is this on trending

  12. saL sageV says:


  13. BossSauce says:

    Hey!!!! Check out my new YouTube video!! Subscribe and like ! Giveaways coming soon

  14. Rob Barrett says:

    when youtube force trends a video and it gets copyright striked :/

  15. sfgiantsmadhatter says:

    “He’s not trying to make America great again, he’s trying to make it the best it’s ever been” I’m conservative and I have to say, that was a strong strong statement.

  16. L seewwa we,OW are we AFontan BlacAlwkman says:

    More like Sterling Fudge!

  17. Christiam Coronado says:

    Libtard propaganda

  18. genocide amerika says:

    All blacks are getting awards this year from Zionist Jew Hollywood its all FAKE awards because of the 2016 snuff Hollywood gave to blacks

    So now blacks are getting pretend awards

    This black is taken to the back area to finish his speech

    Almost like blacks getting to use the door at black of restaurant to get served back in the day

    FCK Zionist Jew Hollywood who are systematically turning powerful black men into the gays

  19. HanadaMarie says:

    I was hoping he would do this

  20. Geoff Tenth says:

    emmys seem alittle too black this year. hmmmmm.

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