Steve Buscemi Learns About His J-Law Deepfake

Steve Buscemi Learns About His J-Law Deepfake

Steve Buscemi’s face was digital superimposed onto Jennifer Lawrence’s body in a viral ‘deepfake’ video. And it’s news to ‘Miracle Workers’ star Steve Buscemi

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56 Responses

  1. charley15z says:

    That deep fake is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. And Steve Buscemi is God.

    • Wynstan'sMom says:

      What are ya nuts? We had pancakes for breakfast. I want to go somewhere I can get a shot and a beer, and a steak, maybe. No more f***in’ pancakes, c’mon man. C’mon man! Okay here’s an idea. We’ll stop outside of Brainerd. I know a place there we can get Likes…What do ya think?

  2. Connie Wonnie says:

    His wife died a few weeks back, he seems so composed.

    • Raven Poe says:

      +RCaIabraro thank you. One of the most enlightened things I’ve heard in a damn long time. It’s not so hard to allow people to just be who they are and not be a hateful dick.

    • A HR guy who doesn't like micro transactions says:

      I think Baf Lange meant well and was just trying to be funny but failed. Look up his youtube name. He’s clearly not a complete monster or moron based on the stuff he watches. That being said… Not kool bro. Don’t speak for some one without their permission like that.

    • bladerj says:

      Not really watch his browns

    • Mandy C. says:

      +Baf Lange lol speak for yourself. I’ve got my 10 year anniversary coming up. we’ve been together for 16, since we were in our early 20s. of course marriage is gonna suck with that attitude

    • Baf Lange says:

      +Mandy C. yeah only me and 56% of ppl that did get married agree… so I’m sure your one example is the rule

  3. Floss Man says:

    I clicked as _soon_ as I saw “Steve Buscemi.” I’m so sorry for his loss.

    Also, his brother is a jerkface.

  4. Adam Tak says:

    I didn’t know I wanted Buscemi as god until today

  5. Philosophy Gamers says:

    Steve is an amazing actor. Really wish he had never met Adam Sandler.

    • crocie says:

      Are you kidding me?
      That scene in Billy Madison (I think?) The one with electric light orchestra playing, should win an award for amazing scenes from bad movies. Steve was great.

    • Philosophy Gamers says:

      +crocie I agree. Steve was great. Always my favorite part of any Adam Sandler movie. I just feel like he really undermines his own greatness working with him though.

    • ainumahtar says:

      Agreed, he makes those stinkers slightly less awful.

    • Cody says:

      Ever seen Airheads? It’s not really an Adam Sandler movie but theyre both in it. It’s pretty funny.

    • Philosophy Gamers says:

      +Cody I haven’t but I would give it a shot. Plenty of other talent in that movie.

  6. The Motley Fool says:

    Yeah, but where can I get that toaster?

  7. luvyawork says:

    Steve’s deep fake reaction is everyone…

  8. Anant Raman says:

    Buscemi is great. Sad about his loss.

  9. Strange Wayfaring Stranger says:

    This was one of the funniest interviews. Buscemi is a great guy. A true legend.

  10. Paulo says:

    Different Drum – The Stone Poneys

  11. the king of cool says:

    Donnie you’re out of your element!

  12. HavocLoods says:

    Steve Lawrence looks kinda like Brienne of Tarth

  13. Professicchio says:

    Steve’s brother must have taken the most obvious route to realize God is evil: he read the old testament.

  14. Skoll _ says:

    What a true man and wanna thank him for all the entertainment his given us.

  15. gnaugihz says:

    “superman is fake but all the villains are real..” that’s almost philosophical.

  16. Joe The incredible says:

    His brother is a freaking Genius

  17. Justin O'Brien says:

    You should read his Wikipedia page. He was a firefighter…

  18. Somer Flowers says:

    Been thinking a lot about this beautiful soul lately since the passing of his wife. Just wanting to comment to send him any and all love I can. ❤️??

  19. RCaIabraro says:

    Steve Buscemi is a national treasure

  20. Zoe Du Jour says:

    Buscemi has always been someone I look up to.
    I’m sorry for your loss, man. Good vibes your way.

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