Steve Harvey Dishes on the Kardashian/West ‘Family Feud’ Episode

Steve Harvey Dishes on the Kardashian/West ‘Family Feud’ Episode

Steve Harvey told Ellen all about the episode that pits the Kardashians and Wests against each other on “Family Feud,” and which member was the best celebrity panelist he’s ever seen.

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49 Responses

  1. Vlog Music No Copyright says:


  2. corineashley07 says:

    Some people you don’t know, these cousins. Lol

  3. Miss Cupcake says:

    “Kim didnt know nothing” lmfaoooo

  4. SusannGER says:

    I most definitely will watch this…. especially Khloe and Kim on opposite sides XD

  5. Linda says:

    Kim didn’t know nothing . LOL

  6. Selma malik says:

    Jonathan cheban after all these years no one knows who he is??

    The make up artist????

  7. moiraine_damodred says:

    if y’all enjoy comedians go watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode with Steve.

    love that guy

  8. courtney parrish says:

    Plz have the cast of The walking dead on there

  9. lisa koola says:

    Kim do No Nothin ???????

  10. nyrupam says:

    I liked the Kardashian clan. They seem nice and very good bussiness people. I would like to take a selfie with them so I gain a lot of followers.

  11. inspiring says:

    *steve harvey is so me lmao*
    ellen: who was against who?
    harvey: kris, kim and the girls *[has a breakthrough]* khloe, and all of the girls
    ellen: you don’t know the names?
    harvey: *…* i met the very rich ones
    ellen: kylie?
    *at the same time*
    harvey: yes, she’s the richest hottest highest paid model
    ellen: she’s got that make-up thing

    ellen: oh, that’s kendal

  12. Ivy Shelmith says:

    “What did you say?” Lol

  13. Ji Yan says:

    I click when I see Steve

  14. DiyTech says:

    If you are reading this, Hope you’re having An Amazing Day/Night.

  15. Sameena Arr says:

    “Kim didn’t know NOTHIN’!” ????

  16. Madhu M says:

    I really had a good laugh..

  17. Sara A. says:

    “you don’t know the names” this is totally me?

  18. Alivia Tabb says:

    “….You’re supposed to still say “good answer” but no not them Kardashians….” Omg, siblings are so catty towards each other, too funny???

  19. Elmira says:

    Why is Jonathan there he ain’t a family member ??

  20. Being British: Joel & Lia says:

    Poor Jonathan! He won’t like that ?

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