Steve Kerr Delivers Powerful Message After Mass Shooting At Elementary School

Steve Kerr Delivers Powerful Message After Mass Shooting At Elementary School

Steve Kerr spoke on the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

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33 Responses

  1. Conmac 315 says:

    Man I respect Steve Kerr. He’s gotta be one of the only basketball related people to actually talk about this head on, and you can hear every ounce of frustration, sadness, and pain in his voice. And he’s completely right to top it all off. Again, mad respect to Steve Kerr.

  2. Emiliano Severoni says:

    His father died in a shooting so he perfectly knows what losing someone dear in this way means. He deeply feels every word he said.

    • Brave Just Defend says:

      Maybe his dad should of had a gun to protect himself.. Today we have way to many crazy people and less police because of Democrate’s defunding them

    • Eagle Harper says:

      @lawrence berny who’s talking about the Constitution? We’re talk about common sense gun control laws. Why do you need a 30+ round ammunition clip? You don’t, and there’s nothing in the Constitution that says it’s your right to own one.

    • Eagle Harper says:

      @Beisht Kione I’m actually not acting emotionally, I’m quite right-minded. The Patriot Act was a gross over-reach of government in my opinion. Wow, “people like you”…that’s a dangerous generalization to make. You should know who you are talking to before you make those kind of statements. I was born and raised in a low-income and gang infested neighborhood at the height of the crack epidemic, my ancestors have lived on this continent for the last 15,000+ years, I’ve buried friends in high school, I’ve seen friends lose their parents, I’ve picked bullets out of the stucco of my home growing up as a kid…who are you?

  3. Andrew Padgett says:

    Steve’s dad was assassinated by a gunman. You can hear the emotion in his voice and in his breathing, and he really means it.

    • Beisht Kione says:

      @Mark Williams oh I’m sorry, let me clear that up. My US Constitutional Rights. Better?

    • nmelkhunter1 says:

      @j marshall I’m not drawing that as a comparison. I’m merely bringing that up as a valid point to remember.

    • Beisht Kione says:

      @Deon Ross well in that case, Ukaine has quite a bit of gun violence right now. We are buying them lots of guns right now. Maybe we should listen to Kerr and try to legislate the problem away.

  4. E. B says:

    Great good Kerr. That was so needed for someone to stand up and speak on it. He brought me to tears.

    • 🏀prod says:

      You know 2 years ago he demanded that security be removed from city schools it’s on instagram

    • TexZenMaster says:

      What do tears have to do with an authoritarian government taking away your rights? Your feelings are your own; Judge these matters with your intellect instead.

  5. Caijun Xu says:

    It’s very heartbreaking to hear the news. But I am really happy to see someone like Steve, so brave and warm hearted. My heart goes with the victims and I really wish all the people in the US can enjoy a life without wearing the worry for safety. I pray people stay safe!

  6. 5M views says:


  7. Alex Langston says:

    You know this country is sad when steve Kerr has the most impactful speech out of anybody with a platform. The own Presidents and congress barely say anything but “thoughts and prayers” Steve actually making a good point🙏🏽💯

    • Nikola Stanković says:

      @Mad Greek Sorry, I ain’t from the US.
      I feel for the kids who got gunned down, but if I stopped my life (and my humor) everytime a tragedy happened somewhere in the world, I’d be depressed my whole life.

      I’m sure as hell y’all (edit: I assumed everyone here is American) didn’t mope around when your aircrafts bombed my country for weeks on end.

      P.S. Yeah, the joke was not original or good.

    • Mad Greek says:

      @Nikola Stanković – really, you choose today of all days to try your hand at low level, overused, cheap shot humor?

    • Hermes says:

      @HHE Well ofc but he’s not able to do that on his own

    • Nikola Stanković says:

      @HHE Be easy on him, he probably forgot.

  8. Cherie Brown says:

    I felt every word he said. I was numb after hearing this. It hits different when there are small children involved.

  9. reymond lopez says:

    This is the man that stood up to Jordan and hit back when everyone else ran scared. He’s always had a spine of steel. To watch him be so moved and motional is heartbreaking. I am glad he is not numb to the situation like so many have become.

    • ninanglrey says:

      @Google Play Now Are you sure that everyone wants to save lives? Because there is one side that doesn’t even want to enact stricter gun laws and caters to the NRA. Even the most simple thing as universal background checks. In fact some states are making it easier for just anyone to buy a gun. Texas is one of those states which is where this tragedy happened.

    • Google Play Now says:

      Who is numb? Everyone wants to save lives. One side is just more informed about how to do that, while the other side is emotional and rash. The same reason an officer can’t investigate crimes that involve their families. Their emotions carry too much weight for them to be effective and rational.

  10. E. S. says:

    “We can’t get numb to this!”
    I concur Coach Kerr!!!
    Sadly, it seems that so many are already so desensitized to violence and expressions of hatred that the horrific tragedies of the past and recent tragedies fade into the distance as quickly as the next one occurs.💔

    • E. S. says:

      @Google Play Now
      Great try!!! I know how much you desire to to know what I think!!! Especially since you are SOOOO far off from truth based on your assumptions.
      FYI…peer pressure never worked on me; even as a child…I’m far too comfortable in my own skin to feel any need to prove anything to anyone but those who actually *matter* so in your case…keyboard personas don’t qualify as being one who matters.

    • The OLD GOAT says:

      @Google Play Now Texas Troopers kitted to the hilt since the mad old days of nutter Micah Xavier Johnson, how much more robocop gimmicks do you need to realize that a system allowing a deranged teenager access to assault rifled is flawed and needs serious evaluation and legislation? …. Maybe try thinking

    • ninanglrey says:

      @Kasey Johnson He said that if the NBA decided to cancel the game he would’ve been okay with that. He would follow his employer’s lead. So yeah, he’s not such a hypocrite right? If the state of Texas is making it even easier to buy guns as we speak, don’t blame Kerr for this mess. He’s the just speaking for the rest of us who are tired of this nightmare.

    • E. S. says:

      @Beisht Kione Obviously, you are ASSuming; since I dont need to state what my position on gun control is to please any ASSumers who try to interpret what I believe. Keep assuming. LOL!
      Bottom line…like I said before…my personal position is not indicated nor has any correlation to one quote, Kerr’s expression of emotions or anything else he said.
      If anyone believes they can gather who I am via that…more power to them; Im losing no sleep.

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