Steve King Asks: What Have Minorities Contributed To Civilization?

Steve King Asks: What Have Minorities Contributed To Civilization?

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20 Responses

  1. wh4t says:

    Everyone in this comment section is an idiot, arguing about what people
    from hundreds if not thousands of years ago accomplished, and somehow
    extrapolating that to make yourself feel better. Who the fuck cares who
    invented what? Even if whites or blacks or Asians or whoever invented
    EVERYTHING, that doesn’t mean that you individually deserve any credit. If
    anyone from the past saw us, they would see a bunch of idiots overreacting
    to a comment made by some old guy who half of us don’t even know, and then
    jerking off our egos by spouting nonsense about what our “ancestors”

  2. Klasco Unknown says:

    Asia/ Middle East, Africa had more adv civs before Euro. Euro rose, fell
    and rose again. Recently Asia just coming back.

    Though using identities for simplistically as identities could be/ was
    different then. Egypt, India, China, Japan, Arabs(ME af Islam), Persians,
    Mongols, Carthage just quick list of places that provided innovations. Heck
    so much of Euro history was saved cos of Arabs and who also traded with
    Euro to bring in Indian mathematical ideas and ideas they evolved etc.

    Gunpowder is a simple example of invention that was traded about which Euro
    benefited from in their golden age. US currently benefits a lot today from
    Asian students in science, tech & medical fields.

  3. rofyle says:

    Don’t hate because he’s right.

  4. Dshiz says:

    What’s fucked up is that the ideas created by the majority were forced to
    be carried out by the minority. So he can’t say they haven’t contributed
    when throughout history the minority has always been oppressed from
    creatively contributing, and forced to physically contribute to society.

  5. Slink Bradshaw says:

    Lol getting butt hurt so fast , safe space plz help me

  6. VCliveZ says:

    How dare he speak the truth?

  7. C Gleisberg says:

    Thank’s KING. Good to heard.

  8. Darren Mcfash says:

    “Heh, old white people are dying off I can’t wait!”
    -no reaction, pan of angry crowd
    “Well y’know, white people have contributed a lot to Western Civilization”

  9. Tavo Malkhutekha says:

    we created civilization! What do whites have that they haven’t stolen from
    “minorities” which made their civilization better? what a racist, ignorant
    dumb fuck!

  10. Candice Walton says:

    So called minorities built civilizations that white America borrowed from.
    Washington DC was mapped out and creates by Benjamin Banneker… a so
    called Minority… I can say so many other things.

  11. greenbox 420 says:

    lol i always see fuckin white people asking for money and i never seen a
    mexican or asian do that shit

  12. Isaac Simpson says:

    lol, what a fucking MORON

  13. Adam Wintetbottom says:

    Whites invented slavery? That is definitely what the progressive colleges
    would like you to think. Slavery has been around from the beginning of war.
    Not to mention Africans were selling other Africans to Europeans, it was a
    huge business in Africa

  14. mlg secretize says:

    He’s not at all attacking “minorities”

  15. markeemark85 says:

    Donald Trump-Make America WHITE again

  16. THREEIO says:

    Can anyone tell me what’s going on in this video?

  17. Emanon 438 says:

    is he saying that only white people have contributed to society ? what a

  18. Nate Parker says:

    I’m no racist but it seems only Asians and Caucasians have contributed to
    society over the years. Sure Muslims translated text but they have been
    going down hill ever since. Without whites and Asians the world would be
    nothing like this. And without some other races, The world would be
    basically the same only less violence.

  19. AwEs0m3 Pr0dUc7iOnZ says:

    I have admitting it. but he’s right!

  20. frank hill says:

    Black People are Less Intelligent, Says Dr. James Watson, Nobel Prize
    Winner and DNA Pioneer.