“Steve Nash Is A Scapegoat” | Inside the NBA Crew Discuss the Brooklyn Nets | NBA on TNT

“Steve Nash Is A Scapegoat” | Inside the NBA Crew Discuss the Brooklyn Nets | NBA on TNT

“This is all on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons. Steve Nash is a scapegoat.”

The Inside the NBA crew react to the drama around the Brooklyn Nets

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45 Responses

  1. James Burgess says:

    It’s so funny because the Nets right before KD and Kyrie arrived, was building a really solid young team even without high draft picks and finding solid role players in FA. Nothing incredible, but still signs of a great Front Office.
    They traded ALL of that away for KD and Kyrie (and Harden lol) thinking they’ll get an easy ring, and now, there’s probably a high chance that both of them will leave the Nets when their contract is up.

    • EuropeanDream says:

      @Fred the Fish because the nets team before that won 0

      and injuries don’t mean you’re mediocre
      bucks won only 1 playoff series last year cause of injuries

      that don’t make them bad

    • Fred the Fish says:

      Jarrett Allen got traded to Cleveland and almost immediately became an All Star.

    • Fred the Fish says:

      @EuropeanDream How you gonna stan this team, which has only won a single playoff series, and accuse someone else of liking mediocrity?

    • torag says:

      @EuropeanDream “Superiority is when you have a sloppy playoffs run and spread conspiracy-filled worldviews”

    • andola jackson says:

      @Juno Franco makes sense bc players want to come to NY to NOT self promote/net millions through endorsements. XD

  2. Sonny Ankau says:

    we are too blessed to have Charles on TV speaking the facts that everyone else is too afraid to publicly and bluntly state.

    • Javier Lara says:

      I agree with him except the punishment part. His punishment wasn’t handed out by the league but by the franchise. He can say F that job and seek employment elsewhere. What he did in his personal life is his business, it will remain to be seen whether he’ll continue questionable practices outside of “team policy.”

    • karmaquarius says:

      It’s basketball. Reel it in.

    • Buck Benelli says:

      Almost left for that blood money from the terror religion, blood money, maga lardos best friends outside of Moscow. But he stood tall, and made the right decision.

    • pi hermoso says:

      @M V JR Kenny thinks the suspension of the coach is just for the Boston Celtics and not for the NBA as an entirety.. if somebody is supposedly jailed in one state for a year, does he get freedom right away just because he changes address to another state? C’mon Kenny, you do the crime you do the time….

    • Raulthomas30 says:

      Oh Steve Nash is a great coach and made decisions?

  3. saz19s8 says:

    This Nets era with KD and Kyrie is like a reality TV show. So much drama and controversy 🤣

    • only truth says:

      Neither 1 of them are bonified ‘True’ Leaders , they are BOTH Side-Piece ‘EXCLUSIVE’ Scorers … This was DOOMED TO FAIL ! … They must have been Smokin a joint when they came up with this collaboration … l said this as SOON as i heard they were coming together , 3YRS AGO ! …

    • octaviakf says:

      As we all knew it would be 😂

  4. Frank Johnson says:

    That 60 second overview of the nets was perfection

  5. hhuang says:

    what i love about this show is not only is it fun, but these guys respect their jobs and their audience as analysts. when they need to be serious, they are.

    • Adam Warren says:

      Charles then saying Nash was good before being bad is an indictment on Sean Mark’s inability to be a good GM but instead we call attention to Kyrie. Who trades Harden for Ben Simmons? Really? Who trades away Jarrett Allen, Levert and Dinwiddie for Harden when you already have KD and Kyrie? It makes you wonder if Sean watches basketball, Harden and Westbrook never learned how to play winning basketball just entertaining. So you trade away the core for a hope. If Sean Mark’s does not get Dwight Howard immediately he should be fired ASAP. STOP BLAMING OTHERS WHEN YOU ARE PAID TO DO A JOB!

    • Adam Warren says:

      Dysfunction starts from the top. Sean Mark’s had a great core and traded it away. He is the GM not KD. Not Kyrie. Charles Barkely is a remedial old talking head like the rest of old people who can only repeat the same takes. Not once have I heard these old people talk about accountability of Sean Mark’s and Steve Nash because they wanted to cheer about taking back control.
      You just heard Shaq say on this segment that coaches are nothing but moral support but Noone bashed him like Kyrie.

  6. Saber terminal says:

    kd and kyrie not only hand picked steve nash, they were also quoted saying that they didnt even need a coach before the season started

  7. collinslogan 01 says:

    Love how ernie keeps everything moving, really lets the other guys focus on what they want to say and not what time they have left

  8. Andrew G says:

    The only time where your legacy is SAVED by getting fired.

    Nash saving himself here and getting paid, respect to a legend and best play call all year!!!

  9. Troy Zieman says:

    Charles Barkley is such a refreshing breath of fresh air. The man just tells it like it is . He just has allot of integrity. At a time when everyone seems to soft peddle these multi millionaire athletes. Barkley just cuts thru and claifies

  10. thirteeneight says:

    Shoutout to James Harden, Nash, Dinwiddie, Allen & the young guys for leaving this toxic team.

    • Fred the Fish says:

      @The Seed Of Abraham Nah he left that team because he was sick of carrying that barebones roster on a bad hamstring while KD was injured and Kyrie was playing infowars.

    • An G says:

      @Don Quilio awwww so it’s kyries fault harden is a softie. If that was bron the narrative is so much different 😉 stop being a media sheep, they’re programming ya to be toxic clowns

    • Don Quilio says:

      @An G He didn’t want out of the team until Kyrie who barely was conditioned beat him in practice and called him “Washed”

    • An G says:

      @Don Quilio no lol

    • Don Quilio says:

      @The Seed Of Abraham Sure it had nothing to do with being Demoralized by Kyrie in practice? Who at the time hadn’t played much of any games for the season

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