Steve Rattner’s Charts: Coronavirus Re-Ignites Recession Fears | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Steve Rattner’s Charts: Coronavirus Re-Ignites Recession Fears | Morning Joe | MSNBC

On Monday, fears of the coronavirus collided with a plunge in oil prices, and the Dow sank 2,000 points. Steve Rattner brings charts showing how the coronavirus crisis has rocked financial markets and re-ignited recession fears. Aired on 03/10/2020.
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Steve Rattner’s Charts: Coronavirus Re-Ignites Recession Fears | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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63 Responses

  1. Michael C says:

    1 day of gains to only fall again. Typical next day after losses behavior

    • Andrew Lim says:

      Yes …this kind of rebound are building for longer duration multiple drops, the fundamental are just not there.

    • Moe says:

      It will be in the red by end of day. The global economy is tanked. America is not immune, especially the banks.

  2. Jesus Says says:

    _”Trump shook Rep. Doug Collins’ hand before congressman self-quarantined”_

  3. MsLansones says:

    Enough proof that this conman is a failure. His evil father was right about him, he’s a baby that needs constant supervision!

    • Andrew Lim says:

      The amazing things is that there are people believing him, folks just wanna believe whatever they wanna believe, facts ain’t important.
      “China are paying for the tariff.” 😂😂😂

    • Felix Carpio says:

      Fred, his evil father, invented the flashy personage “The Donald” to attract suckers to invest in the Fred´s scams. If all went well: Fred won big and gave the shreds to the suckers. If it went bad: the loses were for the suckers and Fred scratched some shreds for him , while using the loses reports for evading taxes in his other businesses.

  4. barry Amato says:

    All those business folks screaming about Socialism will now be asking for a bailout from our tax dollars, which is Socialism. That’s fine when corporate America benefits. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    • kozmic zian says:

      @Brett Orlob – yes, MAYBE . . . and where would you start? . . .

    • The Empire Strikes Out says:

      @Cort I’ve never met any multi-millionaires who act like 15 year olds. Norman Bates, maybe, but not 15 year olds.

    • Dawn Adriana says:

      @Brett Orlob Absolutely agree. And way overdue.

    • Dead Mic Live says:

      @Brett Orlob if you don’t like it…. move! It will never change. By bye Bernie ….now we have to vote for Biden. Fook that and the DNC. I’ll stay home.

  5. David J says:

    If this was no different than the flu, they wouldn’t be talking about cancelling professional sporting events. If this was like the flu, they wouldn’t be talking about cancelling the Summer Olympics. If this was like the flu, people wouldn’t  be getting quarantined for two weeks. If this was like the flu, the entire country of Italy wouldn’t be on a lock down.

  6. Will Be Jamming says:

    Oil: I have the economy over a barrel.
    COVID 19: I have the economy in quarantine.
    Trump: I have the economy well in hand.

    The Economy: Hold my bear.

  7. Anthony D says:

    What’s wrong, Don? You’re not going to attack your Saudi buddy?

  8. Dawn Oceanside says:

    Dropped like a prom dress, 20% in 6 months.

  9. Lucillesgirl says:

    Any functional adult 😫 #flipthesenate

  10. Darrell Powell says:

    Country Healthcare Rank 2019

    France 1
    Italy 2
    San Marino 3
    Andorra 4
    Malta 5
    Singapore 6
    Spain 7
    Oman 8
    Austria 9
    Japan 10
    Norway 11
    Portugal 12
    Monaco 13
    Greece 14
    Iceland 15
    Luxembourg 16
    Netherlands 17
    United Kingdom 18
    Ireland 19
    Switzerland 20
    Belgium 21
    Colombia 22
    Sweden 23
    Cyprus 24
    Germany 25
    Saudi Arabia 26
    United Arab Emirates 27
    Israel 28
    Morocco 29
    Canada 30
    Finland 31
    Australia 32
    Chile 33
    Denmark 34
    Dominica 35
    Costa Rica 36
    United States 37
    Slovenia 38
    Cuba 39
    Brunei 40

    France is a democratic socialist country since 5 May 1789 .It is the world’s 7th largest economy.

    Bernie Sanders wants a universal healthcare the same as the French.
    Why settle for 37th best healthcare system?
    USA is number 1 at putting money into the system BUT with too much money being wasted on, administrations.
    No wonder private healthcare is being shunned by 90% of the world.
    As private healthcare is profits before people.
    And that’s why USA is ranked 37th. When it should be people before profits.
    Sadly there are too much money paying the politicians money to keep the status quo, profits before people.

    The corona virus will determine that universal health care in USA is a better system for the people.
    Medicare for all is NOT a tax, its an investment in people and in health.

    • His Bubbliness says:

      Yeah, but all of those Southern Trump buttlickers, who have never left their own town much less the country, will just look at that list and be all, “Haha! Look! See? We’re better than that stupid Mexico!!! Build that wall!!!”

    • Darrell Powell says:

      @His Bubbliness Funny! Love it!

    • drew pedersen says:

      Healthcare, Education:
      “WHERE will we get the money?”

      Military, Tax Cuts for the Rich:
      “We have PLENTY of money!”

    • xl says:

      French doctors will treat a homeless foreign person in the middle of the night coming to the ER the exact same way they would treat a french white millionaire. It’s not a for profit system.

  11. bruce robbins says:

    Trump can’t blame the stock market on Obama this time. Obama inherited in in 2008, and a recession in 2008. The economy slowly upturned again, and Trump inherited 8 years of financial upswing. Still the total moron blames Obama. He is a very, very, sick not man, but individual, mousy coward.

    • Dog Fart says:

      6 time bankrupt. And the trumpets vote him to help the economy. Thats like Jr. Being hired to teach physics

    • bruce robbins says:

      @Dog Fart Listen to Mike Bloomberg’s speech at the 2016 Dem Convention. He goes over all of Trump’s bankruptcies and business failures. “And he says he wants to run America like he runs his businesses? God help us!!” Mike was right on a lot of things.

    • Dead Mic Live says:

      Make sure to give him credit when we bounce back! You can’t say its Obama then. …but you probably will LMFAO 😂😅💀

  12. Jim P says:

    Going to be just like when Baby Bush left office, another mess for the Dems to have to fix.

    • sin car says:


    • SXT 98 Comet says:

      Amazingly the idiots STILL vote for the party that screwed them over: GOP. This is the definition of INSANITY

    • myko freder says:

      Very likely, we know consumption issues until a vaccine is available and we are currently in a recession and no one is waiting 6 months to have an official declaration based on numbers.

    • Cort says:

      It’s also important to understand, how the cleanup works. Steve Manuchin made millions foreclosing on people’s homes. Showing no mercy and kicking people out of their homes.

  13. Stev Rex says:

    The GOP lead by Moscow Mitch has enacted a policy which is the opposite of best practices for the economy. Again!

  14. Larry Shores says:

    Sad part is . We are already running a trillion dollar deficits. Because the economy is sooooo great. Now what??????

    • Lars Jones says:

      A nation that bases their wealth or security on a ‘thing’ that can see trillions evaporate has no wealth and no security.
      Kind of senseless to cut interest rates, that tank of gas is about empty.
      Bad management Trump, installing your lacky in the fed, getting himto cut rates for nothing. No comprehension of how economies actually work

    • Ganiscol says:

      Larry Shores

      Also: trump blew all the shots in the arsenal to combat a downturn like this with his tax cut and driving down interest rate for a wall street firework – all on his altar to get re-elected. Indeed: Now what!?

    • Pablo Sanchez says:

      Ganiscol maga 2020 that’s what.

  15. Lynn Middleton says:

    When we travel they raise the gas prices to take advantage of the need, like they need the trillions more in their bank accounts. Now we can’t afford to travel and are just concerned about food and shelter, so they flood the markets with their oil and are crying they’re loosing billions. Poor little oligarchs might have to sell off one of their islands or jets or yachts, oh my, how will they survive. Excuse me while I throw up.

  16. Charlie O'Doule says:

    Coin the term now, “Trump’s and Boris’s RECESSION”.

  17. Tsnore says:

    A lack of leadership and incompetent leadership – you get what you pay for.

  18. Moe says:

    Yeah, sure. That payroll tax cut will be just like the middle class tax cut he promised during the mid-terms. Don’t hold your breath. Except MAGAts, you people start holding your breath now.

  19. Valerie Shutiva says:

    YAHOO! Judge ruled Democrats should receive all Mueller’s evidence. YAHOO!!

    • william eiffert says:

      what are the odds that Trump will do all he can, perhaps with the help of a few of his”judges” to block as much of it as is possible?

  20. MessupFreq says:

    “Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them” – A. Einstein. We are deprived of both with this administration…

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