Stockholm Syndrome: The Movie

Stockholm Syndrome: The Movie

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This week: we watch the Christmas movie “Holiday in Handcuffs”. It’s a pretty problematic film that came out 14 years ago so let’s get mad about it today please! Enjoy 🙂







thanks for watching!

comment “you better shoot that thang” if ur reading this


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35 Responses

  1. Cyber Noop says:

    holiday in handcuffs sounds like a movie about the sad inside life of a prisoner during Christmas

  2. Romantic Outlaw says:

    I feel like the woman’s family didn’t believe him not because they’re gullible, but because this is a common occurrence. I bet her last bf was kidnapped too. It might even run in the family; her dad may have been kidnapped. This is just a quirky fun tradition for them

  3. GarrickkTheGreat says:

    Someone needs to make holiday ham hole before next Christmas so Kurtis isn’t a liar!

  4. fug duckly says:

    I had to watch this movie with my Grandma this Christmas, and she was genuinely upset that I was not taking it seriously

  5. kel saele says:

    calling leftovers “yesterday food” is gold and you can’t tell me otherwise

  6. gamer says:

    Could you imagine being their kid.
    “How’d you meet mom?”
    “Oh! She kidnapped me!”

  7. Meppity says:

    I’m so excited for the introduction of “squeet” into the Kurtis Conner lore.

  8. kc says:

    The Checkov’s gun joke was really funny. Trust me. The absolute genius to create a check off joke and a checkov’s gun joke is incredible honestly genius

  9. aBandit says:

    The dry cut to “I’m gunna Squeet” had me laughing hard for way longer than it should

  10. Reyan Chamberlain says:

    Don’t be embarrassed, Kurtis. I have “squeet” moments all the time. Like the time I combined Gwen and Stefani into “Gwefani”.

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