Stocking Rainbow Trout in the 5 Acre Pond!

Stocking Rainbow Trout in the 5 Acre Pond!

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Day 2 Pond Build:
Day 3 Pond Build:
Day 4 Pond Build:
Day 5 Pond Build:
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Adding Structure:
Filling it with Water:
Hurricane Update:
New Pet Ducks:
The Final Chapter:
Big Problems:
Filling it with Water:
Filling it with Water Part 2:
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Fixing a Leak:
Adding Fish:
Installing Aerators:
Underwater Lights:
Spring Planting:
New Fishing Cabin:
New Cabin Tour:
Stocking Shad:
Adding Vegetation:
Liming and Fertilizing:
Baby Ducks Hatched:
Tagging the Bass:
Adding the Bass:
First Time Fishing:
Adding Solar Power:
Micro Fishing for a New Pet:
Mystery Fish:
Adding Cypress Trees and Structure:
Handfeeding the Bass:
Adding 300 Goldfish:
Glass Bottom Kayaks:
Building a Duck House:
Adding Crawfish:
Adding Lily Pads and Vegetation:
Tagging Our Pet Bass:
Underwater Drones:
RC Duck Decoys:
My Biggest Mistakes:
Crystal Clear Water:
Building an Eagle Nest:
1 Year Later:
Bait Pond Day 1:
Filling Bait Pond with Water:
Adding 5,000 Prawns:
Tiger Bass are Spawning:
Adding 1,000 Tilapia:
Adding 2,000 Prawns:
One Year Ago We Added the Bass:
Delivering Fish to Eagle Nest:
Strapping a tiny camera on a bass:
Schooling Tiger Bass:
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Aquascape Final Day:

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27 Responses

  1. @zbraun3 says:

    It would be really cool to see you build the small pond from the ground up biodiversity-wise. Start with killifish, mosquitofish, ricefish, etc. then move on to something like Shad, Chubs, or Shiners. Once the population is healthy for the small pond, throw in an oddball or apex predator. Lungfish, Gar, Bichers, a Flathead Catfish, maybe even a Freshwater Puffer!

  2. @MidtownSun says:

    Woohoo! Thanks, BamaBass! I’m feeling “YouTube Famous” for the first time. The pond is beautiful and love these videos. Keep up the good work.

  3. @georgemcbride4858 says:

    When your water temps start to get really warm in the middle of summer, turning your well pump on for a lil bit each day or for a couple days at a lower flow if you can might help keep the rainbows alive.

    • @billywillhite7682 says:

      I live in Vegas and have caught rainbows here in June. Main thing they need is cool flow from vegetation and a lot of oxygen. If a pond is 8’ to 15’ deep with high oxygen levels some will survive through summer. If the big bass don’t eat them first. The small pond may be something that might hold Lahotan cutthroats. They are native to Nevada and can tolerate warmer temperatures for longer periods. They also can grow monstrous. They might be something to look into. And they are very aggressive

    • @bobsmith6544 says:

      @@billywillhite7682 Why not put striped bass in… err.. I mean tacos? Wait. I would assume they are way more aggressive than these so called tiger sissies though.

    • @jay_wright says:

      @@bobsmith6544 When I was like 8 or 9 I wana say, I caught a 17 pound striped bass out of Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico, took me like 30 minutes to get into the boat. I could barely hold the thing up when my mom was getting a picture.

    • @mtownpyro7198 says:

      @@bobsmith6544 noooooooo!!! you don’t want those in your pond

  4. @lancedow9951 says:

    Totally awesome and I enjoy the habitat you are creating.its nice to see someone spending their money on something that brings life to all sorts of animals and nature instead of flaunting off toys they earned from youtube or whatever.i hope this pond continues to evolve and endure.Looking forward to what you do next with the pond.

  5. @matttwomey8554 says:

    Smallmouths would be fun to watch. Also up here in Massachusetts the Brown Trout have a much better survival rate over the Summer. They can handle warmer water and less oxygen. Either way been watching since the very beginning and will be happy with whatever you choose🍀🐟

  6. @david8691 says:

    In addition to all of your other great content, I really enjoy when you share your knowledge of deer and the changes they go through during the year. I’ve never hunted, so I enjoy when you share your insight. The same for the other animals on the farm, whatever you know about them, please keep sharing your knowledge. Great video!

  7. @afatfrog5533 says:

    I think a longnose gar would be a great addition to the smaller pond

  8. @TheChadPhillips says:

    I’d really like to see the breeding outcomes of putting two huge bass in there with good genetics. I think it would be a fascinating study, even letting the fry grow in there (if possible) until they are big enough to be tagged so you can track them. That would be awesome…

  9. @kenny08011984 says:

    It’s always great to watch your series. You are the bob Ross of ponds 😊

  10. @miker.3623 says:

    OK, I have got to say something. …I have put your channel on a cycle at night to help this ptsd vet sleep. It’s you and your family, and your peers I’ve watched from the very beginning. You are good TV. I’m a disabled vet in Indianapolis IN who watches his own dreams come through in you and your many friends. Just wanted to say thanks

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