“Stone Cold”, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair lead A Toast to Monday Night Raw: Raw Reunion, July 22, 2019

“Stone Cold”, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair lead A Toast to Monday Night Raw: Raw Reunion, July 22, 2019

The greatest legends of Raw gather to toast the incredible Raw Reunion event.


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69 Responses

  1. dan chill says:

    Torrie Wilson is even hotter than when she was 25. Wow!

  2. Rahul B.K says:

    Wowwwwww I love Stone cold Steve Austin attitude the way he walks amazing m biggest fan of him???

  3. TheMaynne1 says:

    Was anyone else sort of expecting him to Stun EVERYBODY?

  4. Jay Cab says:

    RVD sneaking around to the coolers before the toast Lmao! Lookin like Ezail from Friday

  5. FlikM says:

    Look at Mark Henry with that bottled water tho…..good man …..stay healty, drink healty

  6. Fred Robinson says:

    Wow they actually let Stone cold talk on WWE TV for once!

  7. NewWorldOrder says:

    If Chyna was alive she would play a big part I swear

  8. ChrisKing 2K says:

    Never in my life would I ever imagine seeing stone cold sharing a beer with the boogeyman in the ring

  9. Ashwin Kumar says:

    WWE continues to celebrate it’s past letting it’s present go to dumps ?

  10. Tank smith says:

    Damn it’s sad ? to see all my favorites getting old I grew up on the attitude era and it was awesome that I got to experience that thank you WWF/E for giving us fans a hell of a show I can’t watch the WWE now it’s not the same

  11. sabin baral says:

    Who misses Attitude Era ??

  12. Tee Pick says:

    Should’ve had the GREAT ONE out there to ??‍♂️

  13. Isaiah Watkins says:

    I need 1 more Rock & Stone Cold promo. Attitude Era was just on another level of wrestling entertainment, Monday & Friday Nights were lit all year round.

  14. Khalid Ibrahim says:

    Ah Stone Cold your man badass best legend drink beer ever excellent job for WWF and WWE thanks lot dude!!

  15. ARIYAN 445 says:

    something is mussing the rock he needs to return miss him a lot

    • Anjar Husain says:

      No one wants the current Hollywood version of The Rock to ruin these good moments like he did with the Fast and Furious and The Jumanji franchise. Its a good thing he didnt appear on the show.

    • Brock Lesnar Alpha Male says:

      @Anjar Husain how did rock ruin a movie? You know he doesn’t write the movies his job is just to act?

    • Unintentional Effectiveness says:

      Nah, raw is Stone Cold, raw is Jericho but the rock was smack down all the way, brother. I get that there was some people missing that would have some how made it cooler but I’m quite happy with the list

    • ken_mrgentleman of YPG says:

      I heard he be at the sdlive premiere when its air in fox

    • Антон Димов says:

      @K4 Josiahmaybe as another tooth fairy?

  16. James Rodriguez says:

    Stone cold and the rock gets the big pop all time ??

  17. Ryan M. says:

    Hogan Flair Austin and HBK. If rock and taker were there the universe may have imploded

  18. Damaris melvin says:

    It’s weird seeing boogeyman just standing there clapping ?

  19. Funni Boi says:

    Boogeyman just causally holding a beer is truly an interesting sight ?

  20. soham bombay says:

    Austin still got that huge pop even after retiring from active wrestling more than a decade ago!
    This man is just on another level…..the true icon of WWE!
    He and Rock…these two legends are the bestsellers WWE hv ever produced….

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