Stop Making Sense | Official Promo | A24

Stop Making Sense | Official Promo | A24


If the suit still fits… This year, we’re bringing Jonathan Demme’s groundbreaking 1984 Talking Heads concert film STOP MAKING SENSE (newly remastered in 4K!) back to theaters worldwide. #StopMakingSense2023

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Demme
CAST: David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth, Jerry Harrison



Coming Soon: Beau Is Afraid, Past Lives

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26 Responses

  1. Tucker Shuff says:

    A24…Don’t ever stop being awesome.

  2. Jai Bones says:

    I have gotten sooooo many people into Talking Heads over the years, just by showing them ‘Stop Making Sense’ and each and every person became a fan instantly!
    Including, my two sons and I literally just watched it with my 11-year-old a couple of weeks back.

    Can’t wait for this 🔈🔉🔊❤️

  3. Jakob Rignell says:

    A24 showing the way for every other production company again and again!

  4. Count Giger says:

    Best concert film ever. There’s no way anyone could sit through it, you’d be dancing and singing along.

  5. Marcelo says:

    I almost cried as he put the suit on, I can’t believe how emotional I got over that

    • mu says:

      @ancientsofmumu just cause you’re emotionally impaired cause of childhood trauma doesn’t mean rest of us are.. so gws dude

    • Matthew Osterman says:

      @ancientsofmumu please go to sleep and don’t wake up

    • Emy🌌 says:

      @moomoobread Did he write that? What a clown.

    • ancientsofmumu says:

      @moomoobread dat ain’t cryin

    • moomoobread says:

      @ancientsofmumu “ok im gonna say it for everyone in the comments who has long been afraid to say it. talking heads is really awesome but the ‘big suit’ being a thing is forced and cringe. otherwise, great show!”

      This is your exact paragraph comment from 4 hours ago….

      Seems like you’re the one crying doofus

  6. Juan Gómez says:

    The beauty of watching a great production company doing a greater job! Love you A24!

  7. B-Dub says:

    Since 2015, A24 has dominated the film industry & has quickly transformed into one of the most respected & successful names in the business. They’re the first studio to receive 18 Oscar nominations from 6 films this year & I’m so excited to see what mind-blowing productions they offer next! 🤩

  8. Vel Sparko says:

    Stop Making Sense is one of my favorite movies ever. I’m so excited for this and I really hope it plays in a theater near me.

  9. Tiffanywithnoco says:

    This promo was very well executed! The dry-clean picking up, the A24 ticket with the original release date on it, the “you got it” dialogue, David carrying THE Suit while biking – short and sweet! I adore this ❤️‍🔥

  10. Chase says:

    Phenomenal. So glad this is going to be exposed to a whole new audience.

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