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edited by Jake Mayer

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44 Responses

  1. tentinybees says:

    something about creators reading horribly incorrect personal info about themselves is just… peak fcking comedy. can’t explain it but I will watch videos like this endlessly

  2. SniffyTugBoat says:

    it’s okay, Danny. on a back to school day, a PTA mom came running up to my mom and said, “Oh my god, I just heard about your husband! I’m so sorry! When did he die??” which really weirded all of us out (my sister and I were both there) bc we had just left him alive and well, playing strategy games on his computer. he thought it was hilarious when we told him and introduced himself as “the dead husband” at school functions after that.

  3. Molly says:

    Danny spilling his water while wearing a shirt that says “trying my best” is an all time mood

  4. Cookie Cutter says:

    you just gave us all the hobbies for us to update the sites lol

    • Universe Plays says:

      The information is going to be even more off now. Someone just compiles all the facts people have put in the YouTube comments and writes an article with them.

  5. Miqwerty says:

    I like how Danny just showed a random picture of himself & Laura with no date given and was like “See? She’s alive and the picture’s real.” which makes it sound ten times more suspicious

  6. Alexander R says:

    I’m shocked Danny has a Mexican quarter in him. Sounds painful to have a coin fused with your flesh

  7. Cass Weber says:

    Its so sad that Danny still talks about Laura like she’s here, real heart breaking

  8. Blank B. says:

    Maybe they read some of the “Amanda went missing in Afghanistan” jokes and got confused lol. The rest of the article seemed pretty decent so it’s weird they got that part so wrong

  9. zilleaxolotl says:

    danny could have cut out the beginning part where he fucked up opening a bottle but he didn’t that’s creator transparency right there

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