Stop the FNAF ARG hunt

Stop the FNAF ARG hunt

Hey guys, it’s time to get real for a moment. When I made the last video about the theoretical FNAF ARG, I did not expect the response it generated. My goal with that video was to get some help digging through the game files and find some clues about what was included in the book. Except, that’s not what happened. So, here I am. We need to talk about that video, ARGs, and making sure no one gets hurt for a YouTube video or video game mystery. Let’s talk about it.

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38 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Mad respect that you’re addressing this as soon as possible because this could’ve escalated quickly and you even offered a great solution so the fanbase would stop before it got out of hand. Nobody could’ve said it better than you did.

  2. Core says:

    That’s why you are one of the greats and the best in this. Thanks for addressing.

  3. Quemahoning Paranormal Group says:

    This is so responsible of you, MatPat. As an ARG ourselves, and one that references real public places, this is a huge worry for us too. ARG rules are vague and undefined, and impossible to outright convey while staying in character as an ARG. It is awesome of you to take responsibility and try to put a stop to it, when you could have easily turned a blind eye to the mess. That earns a lot of respect.

  4. George Vincent Corneby says:

    Can we add:
    As much as possible, never go ARG hunting alone. Be in a group that you trust. First, it’s more fun being in a group, and second, it’s much safer than going alone.

  5. Cloud Angel says:

    NOW THIS, this lady’s and gentlemen is how you ADDRESS, APOLOGIZE, AND SOLVE A FREAKIN’ ISSUE. He did it without tears, he made it short and simple, and he made sure that it doesn’t happen again in the future. Perfect video ∞/10 amazing job.

    • Bluescreen says:

      Yes I agree with you but I have one issue
      How did you add the infinity sign (I’m on mobile if that’s an issue btw)

  6. [ C-tnt ] says:

    Without a doubt this is why mat has never stayed “cancelled”. He apologizes and explains his mistakes clearly as soon as possible, unlike some othercreators who fake cry after a year.

    • Blacked Out says:

      Exactly 💯 💯 he fr takes responsibility for his part and addresses everyone else’s part in a NON DISRESPECTFUL way n even provides solutions. Goat 🐐 YouTuber

    • Alice Hodges says:

      @Jacket I don’t think that’s a fair representation of what happened. That Indie developer called out Mat on Twitter. Mat responded and said he’d reflect on what changes he should make and explained his actions. Explaining why you did something isn’t the same as saying it was the right thing to do.

      Then Toby Fox chimed in, called out Mat for it as well and told Mat what he felt Mat should do. Mat agreed and then did it.

      At no point did MatPat or his team “refuse” or deny anything. Was his initial response lackluster? Yes. But let’s not equate that with a flat refusal to change.

    • Seaking blastmuch says:

      That and he knows his audience and how to conduct himself when dealing with a majority of kids watching him so like the other creators but not controversial

    • tmsgamer3 says:

      And no I do not think you are talking about the majority. There are a lot of vtubers. It is very presumptuous to put every vtuber into such a description, including Indie vtubers and several hundreds of ppl you don’t even know.

    • tmsgamer3 says:

      Maybe in excessive exaggeration, yes. But idk if it’s fake. Some ppl legitimately have to learn you know.

  7. no says:

    It is such a strange thing to me how things that should be known and are common sense has to be addressed like not stepping onto private property and how you don’t call a place that isn’t for that place like a pastry shop and asking anything but a pastry like a cake

    • Shadow master studio’s says:

      Also why does mattpatt and the game theory team have to address that harassment was bad like isn’t that common sense also I’m pretty sure you can get arrested for that also who was calling a random person and saying hey tell me this I know you know tell me or I’ll bust your knee cap. And who thought hacking was fine ik mattpatt said he didn’t think this was on purpose but who just hacks and releases private info and just doesn’t know that’s illegal and cyber crime and can be cyber bullying

    • shadow shifter comics says:

      Hey can I get a mcdona-
      Sir this is a wendies

  8. Lord Yathnon says:

    This is why I love MatPat, he’s a solution man. Its not enough to just admit that a problem happened, finding a solution is important to keep the same problem from recurring.

  9. Gaz says:

    To add to the last rule, check for an “official” source – a well run ARG should provide a community (whether private forum or public social media area) that includes rules, clues and updates for any running game.

  10. Miss- H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve says:

    Mad respect that you’re addressing this as soon as possible because this could’ve escalated quickly and you even offered a great solution so the fanbase would stop before it got out of hand. Nobody could’ve said it better than you did.

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