Stop Trying To Give Birth At Disneyland

Stop Trying To Give Birth At Disneyland

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38 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Crazy to think how people are willing to risk their own baby’s safety for a free Disneyland pass

  2. Genevie Kent says:

    As a cast member I can confirm that if someone starts giving birth we are supposed to immediately cremate them and store their ashes in the castle. Free lifetime pass.

  3. Taylor Reilly says:

    the root beer sketch has me gasping for air rn

  4. Benjamin Stevens says:

    Did they really have to say “without Disney’s permission,” I think most people would have assumed that Disney didn’t give someone permission to dump human remains inside one of their attractions.

  5. koratree says:

    I couldn’t even imagine a woman giving birth and mickey is just standing there like:🙂

  6. Mishiin says:

    Honestly, this storyliving idea sounds like something Walt himself wanted for Disneyworld where basically every employee and their families would live in the park in a perfect city of the future. Super creepy.

  7. Kai Ichitara says:

    “Just so they can put their stupid-“
    “Don’t say fat”
    “FAT.. BALLS.. in a glass of root beer”

  8. Vrikrar says:

    As far as missing missions in the disney star wars experience goes, imagine paying 30 dollars to go to a theatre, then finding out the movie takes place simultaneously on several screens in several different rooms, and it’s literally impossible to see the whole movie in one trip.

    Except that movie actually costs 5000 dollars.

  9. Dawson Woods says:

    This makes me wonder if giving birth at Chick-fil-A for a lifetime supply of food is a myth

  10. Surfer FN says:

    Danny is the perfect guy to watch while eating

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