Storm Ophelia makes landfall in Ireland

Storm Ophelia makes landfall in Ireland

The former hurricane has reached the west coast of Ireland, with winds of up to 95mph (150km/h). More than one person has died, while hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in southern Ireland are without power β€’ Storm Ophelia – live coverage
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20 Responses

  1. Sami The Beanie Boo Fish says:

    I’m in limerick and my power is not out. the storm has passed

  2. DarkDoodle HD says:

    I’m in Westmeath and it’s some how very calm for a hurricane πŸ˜•

  3. MrGenedancingmachine says:

    Turns out it was nothing more than a light breeze….

  4. Sophie Purdue says:

    My power is just back I live in meath and storm ophelia is still going

  5. I think I exist says:

    I’m in roundwood and the worst thing is the wind

  6. Kitty Cat says:

    Also im near a small town of dunmanway we got hit hard i think so did cork dunmanway is in county cork my cat almost died when she stood outside she was almost blown away thank god i grabbed her

  7. Monty Singh says:

    I’m in ennis having a fuckin pint in the pub

  8. Sean Cummins says:

    A tree fell on my dads car

  9. Jessica Shannon says:

    I live in Ireland in Galway

  10. you know BTS? says:

    lol I’m from mayo which was meant to be one of the worst places it would hit and it was only a light breezeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Charlie Bridges says:

    I’m in Hungary and it was 27 degrees celcius this afternoon.

  12. Barry Cannon says:

    In in Dublin and it hasn’t been that bad here

  13. Kate's Kingdom says:

    I’m in Wicklow and it’s nothing but a breeze..even earlier it wasn’t very windy πŸ™„ and we have no school tomorrow for no reason

  14. Deirdre McAndrew says:

    I lost power for 5 and a half hours

  15. louise markey says:

    I’m in arklow and I know it wouldn’t be bad in arklow but it was breezy we could of went to school and tommorow but I guess not?

  16. Pete.M. says:

    That little Irish twatster Bono live there?

  17. Aldo Ruiz says:


  18. Oscar Montes says:

    When are they going to name it after me!!!? (OSCAR)

  19. indiecloud100 says:

    reminds me of the song: “Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind since the flood”
    (sorry) I hope it doesn’t get too bad

  20. Olga Voronkova says:

    The luck of the Irish.

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