story/gameplay dissonance in video games

story/gameplay dissonance in video games

This video is sponsored by King for Legend of Solgard, you can download the game here:

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  1. Veridian says:

    This Tic Tac Toe sports anime looks very promising

  2. Veridian says:

    *_You’ll never save Prince Horace… Unless you get 9000 gems on hard mode_*

  3. Bryce Mckenzie says:

    I always wondered what the game play looked like… Not what I expected.

  4. Empire says:

    Let’s not forget games where you’re supposed to lose the battle but win, so the cutscene pretends you lost.

    • Chatoyer Huggins says:

      Chrono Cross. Since you can new game plus you can win an unwinnable battle against your former teammates (villain does a body swap on you and no once notices). If you do, they collapse… then the girl limps over to you and stabs you anyway.

    • RedFalcon 203 says:

      Happened when i played infamous *oof*

    • Phoenix1220 says:

      Empire played For Honor and chucked the boss off the cliff. The cutscene put him right back on this bridge and my character threw him off of it again lol

    • thepanis 69 says:

      realnixander you never lose against cloud tho he’s literally guaranteed to get stomped on by Cerberus

    • L Faraone says:

      Empire Recent favourite is capturing the Pink Rathian in MHW, only for it to be dead at Astera. Like, wtf, did someone smother it to death in its sleep??

  5. UnPhayzable says:

    Impossible, it’s Lysanderoth’s legendary game of Tic Tactics Toe! How will the hero get the gems this time?

  6. The Derp Chaos says:

    I may be your enemy, but that horizontal was nice

  7. UnPhayzable says:

    You forgot the random anime music that starts playing each time you get a gem combo

  8. There's a starman waiting in the sky says:

    That battle made me sweat buckets because of how action packed it was.

  9. tomatoanus says:

    i lost all respect for you after seeing the way your toilet paper is facing at the start of this video

  10. zaya says:

    “wait no..that’s not the line…”

  11. Rafay Noman says:

    Dragon ball: we make the most intense fight scenes ever.
    ProZD: hold my beer.

  12. ΙͺᴍᴀɒΙͺΙ΄α΄€Κ€Κκœ°α΄€Ι΄Κ™oʏ says:

    wow dude spoilers i had no idea archibald dies wtf

  13. Wilmore Harris says:

    Cutseens>Actual Game Play

  14. HappyMaskSalesman says:

    What do you mean this video was sponsored? HOW EXPENSIVE COULD THIS HAVE BEEN???

  15. cyberwolfy37 says:

    you may defeat me dennis but you will never know the truth…..WITHOUT THOSE EGGHUNDRED EGGS SCATTERED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD

  16. Josh Stamp says:

    The sound effect you made with your voice at 00:22 was probably one of the most authentic and genuinely impressive bits of voice acting I’ve ever heard

  17. e .zool says:

    did he… come out of the bathroom for the boss fight

  18. Captain Balcon says:

    Someone should write down the entire story of this King Dragon Arc

  19. flinkAdink says:

    This video is sponsored by the same type of game that I’m low-key dissing…

  20. aCrazyStranger says:

    So you’ve finally come for me Dennis

    _hehe that’s me_

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