Questlove, you may have heard, tells the best stories. Prince, in our experience, IS the best stories. Watch above as Okayplayer animates Questo’s tale, a story filled with the magic powers of The Purple One, Nigerian Afrobeat god Fela Kuti, Finding Nemo, and a hot pink stretch Hummer.


The music of Fela Kuti appears courtesy of Knitting Factory Records.

Animated by:
Hectah (,

Narrated by:

Produced by:
Ginny Suss


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20 Responses

  1. finalmattasy says:

    For cereal, Kwest deserved that DVD. Sure prince is eccentric, and I ain’t
    no big fan of his; but this vid plays off like Prince is weird for liking
    different music for different times?? Like he crazy for expecting chill
    when he says, “I want to play pool.” -and then rocking out some other
    night? Qwest is just an idiot in this. Like learn how to count to 10
    “idiot.” Maybe Finding Nemo is over his head, but either way, clever funny
    move by Prince.

  2. leebeyer3 says:

    Only the Mighty Purple One could do such a thing and while STILL being

  3. KING CLIFFBEE says:


  4. Nila Jay says:

    love these stories!!!!

  5. Nila Jay says:

    love these stories!!!!

  6. love di choreo says:

    4:44 Rotfl, why is Prince doing a flip tho?

  7. Licking Agent says:

    This reminds me of Charlie murphy’s stories on the dave Chappelle show lol

  8. Léön Kroß says:

    This is surreal.

  9. PhuckHue2 says:

    lol Prince is bat shit crazy

  10. Jacob Nipper says:

    yess i waited for this

  11. Jacob Nipper says:

    yess i waited for this

  12. KingCetshwayo says:

    Will Prince will be Prince.

  13. getchos says:

    I love weird Prince stories (Kevin Smith, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Murphy)!
    Thanks ?uestlove.

  14. KingCetshwayo says:

    Will Prince will be Prince.

  15. kab4292 says:

    I feel like there could be a weekly television series where famous people
    tell their various Prince stories. I would certainly watch.

  16. Juan P says:

    I hate when people act like they’re the shit, even when they in fact are
    the shit (like Prince). I’ve heard recently that Jack Nicholson kicked a
    woman out of a Lakers game cause he was annoyed by the way she was cheering
    for the other team. I love Jack, but that attitude makes me think he’s an
    arrogant pretentious prick. Just because he’s a celebrity he can kick
    people out of games?
    And from every story I hear about Prince, he seems to think he is actually
    a fucking prince. Makes me think of him as an annoying spoiled child. I
    don’t think that kind of bossiness is cool at all. I don’t believe in that
    kind of influence-based power, that’s tasteless and narcissistic.
    These fellas think they have earned special privileges from their body of
    work, but I disagree, they are very talented but also extremely lucky. What
    I find admirable is people like De Niro, Scorsese, B.B. King, Sonny
    Rollins. they’re reached the highest level or artistic achievement yet they
    are normal, humble guys, who never see themselves as superior beings.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Prince’s music, I just find these stories about
    him repugnant.

  17. Tymon Liu says:

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  18. Noa Leshem says:

    This gave me so much life last night!!!!

  19. Michael Vin says:

    For real, Qwest sounds like a moron on this one. Prince does you a favor,
    then ask you to throw a party, he’s not feeling the music you’re playing,
    tells you to change it, and you throw on the same type of music, but a
    different cut? Good story, but I would have fired you too.

  20. Lousson2695 says:

    These stories are too few and TOO far between…..