Stranded Ever Given back afloat in Suez Canal: Reports

Stranded Ever Given back afloat in Suez Canal: Reports

The Ever Given has been “successfully refloated” on the Suez Canal, according to Inchcape Shipping Services, a week after it ran aground in high winds blocking one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.
“She is being secured at the moment. More information about next steps will follow once they are known,” the company said on Twitter.

Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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53 Responses

  1. A R says:

    Meanwhile ships who just started to take the longer route: OH FFS

  2. OWN OPINION says:


  3. janitra yaneswari says:

    Finally my £10 package can continue sailing toward me, my wife gonna like this package.

  4. Aadila Hussan says:

    New favorite series: The Ever Given, Ever stuck.

  5. Malik Shoaib says:

    All the losses these businesses had to bear would now be transferred to consumers by putting higher price tags for the goods.

    • Fred Becker says:

      @Kulwant Dhaliwal you don’t have a clue. Corporations don’t always make a profit. They lose on some transactions and if they lose too often, they go bankrupt.

    • Fred Becker says:

      @Bruno R. capitalism is the simple free exchange of goods. You have something i want. I have something you want ( quite often money). We make the exchange freely. The other option is to let government decide who buys and sells and for how much.

    • 5678sothourn says:

      They have insurance

    • Classesanytime classesanytime says:

      @Aleks Nestserau yeah, but next week you’ll pay 10 dollars for a roll of toilet paper!

    • Classesanytime classesanytime says:

      @G Mc Innis Supermarket do and then they’ll be up their prices by 1,2,3,4,5% … You’ll pay 10 dollars for a roll of toilet paper because they know you’ll have to buy it anyway!!

  6. KingRaccoon 3000 says:

    Hours later:
    Evergiven: *wanna see me do it again?*

  7. Nabeel says:

    This ship will be forever famous, every time it’s seen in any port people will remember this crisis lol

  8. Gti Jason says:

    The name Ever Given follows the ship-naming convention of Evergreen Marine, where ships nearly all begin with the word Ever in English and 長 in Chinese. The ship’s Chinese name 長賜輪 means long lasting/gift/(ship).

    • John Chao says:

      Thanks for the explanation! 長賜輪 -> cháng cì lún-> ever gift wheel?

    • Lucky889 S says:

      Y.F. Cheng Will be rolling in his grave after finding out about this ship

    • NebTheWeb says:

      Ever Golden, Ever Genius, Ever Gifted, Ever Glory, Ever Globe,Ever Goods, Ever Grade, Ever Gentie, Ever Govern,Ever Greet, and Ever Given.

    • Lucky889 S says:

      @NebTheWeb and now after this incident, call sign is changed to “ever forgiven” and it’s new sister ship “never forgotten”

  9. Shubham Bhatt says:

    2 minutes of silence for those ships who took another route



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